Success in Mexico! First Seminar Brings Real Results to Students

Evolved Ministry has achieved another feat. Our method has traveled and reached a group in Mexico with great results.

I, Joel Jacobson, had successfully trained eleven people in the process of establishing the Universal Connection. Within three days, the group had learned the necessary steps to effectively earn their personal access to universal energy.

The participants signed up to learn about psychokinesis and left the seminar with the knowledge on how to work with air, water, and fire, as well as how to use the body-mind-spirit to produce their results and achieve harmony within themselves.

In the eyes of Evolved Ministry, this is a great accomplishment since its mission is to evolve souls and their relationship with the environment.

In August 2017, I was first contacted by Benjamin Guerrero, who invited me to teach a seminar in Colima, Mexico. Benjamin Guerrero is a hypnotherapist who learned about Evolved Ministry through studying both Michael Grubb’s and my videos on YouTube.

Benjamin says that he began getting results, however, the results were not consistent nor detailed compared to what he was witnessing achieved online. In Benjamin’s desire to understand the process, he contacted and invited me to come and teach him and a group of selective individuals the science and art of this universal connection.

This seminar was conducted in a quiet and secluded location from December 18th to 20th, 2017.

I was asked to write a manual to accompany the process of learning. No manual existed yet, so I went into full force and channeled my knowledge and wisdom into a sixty page long Three Day Immersion Program within little as a month and a half, just in time to hop on a plane to Mexico.

Although the manual did not receive a translation in time, an attending student was able to provide on-spot translations to overcome the language barrier for those who had little ability with the English language. All of them were very appreciative of the depth of knowledge provided to them. The manual supported the student's process in an incredible way.

One feedback from the group was that they were looking for something like this for a long time, which brings them joy to finally find this teachings. This group was the first to have learned this method in a seminar settings and get immediate results.

The way in which I wrote the manual structured the seminar into three parts.

The first day is centralized around Discovering the Universal Connection. It was imperative for the participants to not only feel the connection themselves but also to understand the step-by-step process to establishing this connection.

The objective was to lay out the method in order for the group to begin training right away. After all, the participants attended the seminar to be able to produce and understand psychokinesis. In no way was I going to perform psychokinetic abilities to entertain the group. Instead, the goal was for the students to convince themselves that they can do it too.

The second day had been devoted to the exploration of the relationship between one's physiology and the connection. It is very important to draw a clear line between the operation of the connection and the body one awakes to daily.

The third day day was designed to wrap up the first two days, yet also explore the astral reality, how to cultivate energy, and the mind's technology involved in improving the accuracy of the connection.

The feedback was great, as the participants expressed that the third day allowed them to internalize the knowledge provided from the first two days. I observed how the participant steadily improved over the course of the three days, as they got comfortable interacting with the windmills and plants.

Overall, the seminar was a complete success, not only for me, as it had been my first seminar, but for the participants who now know the science and method necessary for evolving their soul.

The teachings of Evolved Ministry are designed to evolve souls. The school's mission is to educate everyone about their natural abilities. In three days, adults were able to go from no knowledge or experience to a great deal of knowledge and enough experience to get them started on this amazing journey of personal evolution.

For the participants, it is the beginning of an exciting journey of self-discovery. Now, they only need to exercise the knowledge to produce consistent results, and with future training learn to exceed the limitations of the box that contains them.

Even though the seminar provided participants with the knowledge and methods to establish the universal connection, Evolved Ministry recommends studying the course curriculum offered on its university website.

The seminar provides an introduction to the Universal Connection, but for one to gain the next level of knowledge and training, one has to go through the curriculum, do the necessary homework assignments, and take the exam. One who completes this preliminary step will be able to truly take advantage of a seminar and face-to-face training.

Doing the necessary studying before attending a seminar ensures one will have a larger capacity to integrate knowledge that is not easy to provide to people who only learning about this method for the first time.

Nevertheless, attending an Evolved Ministry seminar will launch one on a path of universal mastery not provided by anyone else on this planet.

Your evolution is my priority.

Joel D. Jacobson