What is Self Mastery?

Self-Mastery is the all-encompassing term that describes the process of bettering oneself in a particular skill. It is said, that when someone recognizes a trait within themselves that seems weak and can use improvement, the process of improving one’ self is called “Self Mastering”. It is specifically a process of Self Mastery if the person consistently taps into a subject or object that he or she is wishing to become an authority or masterful in.

It is the process of transforming
skills into talents,
and striving to exceed
your performance daily.

A reasonable example is when you learn about energy and study it at college, receiving a bachelor's degree that would denote your proficiency in basic theory and practicality during your studies under a guiding force. But then once you are far removed from the institutional environment, instead of assuming that you “know it all”, you spend considerable amount of your time perfecting your knowledge by scrutinizing every possible literary resource, as well as seek first-hand experiences to validate your personal beliefs, which allows you to intuitively connect the dots, unveil the hidden and mysterious, so you may consequently integrate vast amounts of knowledge and wisefully mature your perspective.

Then when someone in your presence requests your perspective on the subject of energy, instead of depending on a limited picture that can karmically lead your friend to disastrous consequences, you are able to confidently respond with an answer, advice and/or guidance that has ripened and matured, and can be of service for the betterment of that person.

Another way of looking at it is that you are capable of providing exceptional service to others on their unique path. Everyone is a walking “school of thought”, unique in their perspective, shaped by their upbringing, and heading in a direction that would benefit entire communities and populations. The task of a Self Mastery practitioner is to provide insight for others seeking an encouraging lead - a guidance - that would permit them to continue devotionally their own journey of perfecting their understanding on themselves and the world around them.

According to many respectful spiritual teachers, Self Mastery is the only way to salvation and the upliftment of the soul beyond the limitations of our finite perspective.

Evolution of our consciousness depends on examining our fundamental nature of reality; to see that our capacity to create thought and then produce it as material phenomena is our birthright and responsibility. The monkey minds we have been conditioned to operate through automatically deals with reality for us, but provides only superficial experiences, which keeps us boxed in the monkey mind - never to exceed our perspective of our universe.

Through Self Mastery, we learn about ourselves and the nature of the holographic universe we awake daily to. We encounter new variables that challenge our beliefs and encourages us to look through a new set of eyes. It is the process of evolving your consciousness, so you can prevent senility and the Western habit of self-deterioration. As they say, death is a grave mistake.

Self Mastery is truly taking responsibility over your current incarnation and life condition, recognizing your freedom to exceed this matrix and your own expectations; so you can ground your soul’s natural immortality in the flesh, as well as sweep the entire world along with you to the next stage of harmonious “civilized” colonization of the Earth.

Self Mastery cannot be confused with self-service or selfishness, as everyone has the right to better themselves. By the karmic law, whereas an action leads to a result, anyone who devotes time to learning gets wiser, and those who are wise have the power to choose rightfully while having consideration for the impact their choices may have on the journey they share with every single sentient creature on their path.

Self Mastery isn’t only the cultivation of external skills, such as twirling a drumstick in your hand and producing harmonious rhythms, which can be seen as a material success, but it also includes the capacity to cultivate intangible skills that improves the receptivity of the mind and its connection to others. The cultivation of pure love, without condition or possessive expectations, and the capacity to amplify pure love and smoothly spread it across your multicellular organism, is but one example, that can then be of use for you in carrying out tasks joyously.

Another example of an intangible skill, that may seem to the ordinary person as useless at first, is the Mastery of chanting. A person who steadily uses a verse to focus the mind, at the beginning s/he may be slow and frequently distracted, but over the course of weeks, months and years, that person would have had sufficient practice to enable them to chant the verse in splendor repetitions, that vocal harmony and rhythmic flow unlocks the doors to transcendental consciousness and provides them with a calm disposition throughout the rest of their day.

Self Mastery promotes upward evolution. Listen to your productive urges and set out to be your best at it… not for competitive reasons and the acquiring of material wealth, but instead the exploration of how deep the rabbit hole truly goes, and how you can eventually give back to your community.

Self Mastery = Evolution