Guidance from a Butterfly - The importance of switching off the Ego by tuning into LISTENING

Establishing a connection can sometimes appear difficult as you begin your practice. When you spend 5 minutes and you’re unsuccessful, you may feel guided to let go of trying to connect, and instead to simply open yourself up to receive.

When your Ego is engaged in stimulating your actions it is utilizing the nervous system’s capacity to transmit motor signals from the brainstem to different locations in your body. This takes up some bandwidth from the capacity of the nerves. These nerves have another function to fulfill, which is relaying sensory signals from the environment to your brain. When the Ego is rampant, your mainly “projecting” executive decisions through motor pathways, and you are not open to hear or “receive” signals from your environment.

Have you experienced an instantaneous heightening of the range of any particular sense before?

Have you had a difficulty picking up smells in your surroundings, and no matter how close you get to a scent it appears to be mild at best, but something changed within you and you suddenly appear to be able to pick up that same scent effortlessly even before you come in contact with it?

This morning as I was out attempting to establish my connection, I found it extremely difficult to produce the responses I wanted from the windmill I use for practice. Seeing that I had a 1/10th of a response from my windmill, I asked for guidance from my environment, and lo and behold a butterfly flapping around decides to land on my right hand, between my index finger and thumb.

Unmoved by this, though deeply humbled to have my first butterfly land on my hand during practice, I asked the butterfly what guidance it may impart on me. The butterfly raised its front limbs, what looked like hands, and proceeded to rub them against each other. As I didn’t quite "get" the message, I asked it if it meant for me to be silent, or be in silence. It stopped rubbing its hands and sprang from my hand and aggressively hurled itself at my right ear. It was so swift, that the butterfly bounced away and reappeared on a rose bush leaf, clearly staring in my direction.

Baffled by this event, I asked myself what the butterfly intended to say through his abrupt behavior. Its precision at hitting my ear brought me directly to the answer! I wasn’t listening!!! My Ego was gushing out so much chatter, that I was blinded by the constant flood of stimulation it had exerted on my nervous system. Recognizing my error, I dropped my incessant need to be preoccupied by irrelevant thoughts about myself, my day and my expectations (all coming from Ego), and allowed myself to become aware of my ears and the subtle data from my environment. Simply, I tuned in and opened my ears up for sensory data to become the forefront of my conscious awareness, thus telling my brain to be receptive.

That by itself was enough to initiate, or maybe more accurately would be to say that it was enough to allow, ambient energy to manifest. The moment I realized and ACTED upon my self-realization, the windmill kicked up, that's to say, it began moving in sufficient speed to indicate to me the abundance of energy suddenly available to me from my environment.

This event provided me a valuable lesson; the ego takes up a portion of the width in the bandwidth. The nervous system is built to relay a measurable capacity of information to and fro, from the brain to the body, which can be compared to the capacity of an internet cable's capacity to conduct information from a central hub (world wide web) to my personal operating system on my computer. When I download or upload a large file, or many files at the same time, a larger chunk of the bandwidth of the cable is being used to send the data across the wire. That leaves less width for information to be received, which is why when you download or access large files, websites load slower, programs launch slower... their capacity to receive is limited.

In that sense, when the Ego is rampant, its chatter is utilizing so much bandwidth within your nervous system, that it is choking up the neuron's capacity to relay accurate and heightened sensory data to your conscious awareness. As soon as you drop the looping urges to analyze, obsess and fret about your life condition, you allow yourself to amplify the capacity of your nervous system to receive sensory signals from your environment.

Maybe the nervous system's potential of receiving corresponds with our potential of receiving. What is it that we truly receive? Would it be the manifestation of abundance? The sudden access to energy-rich environments?

I personally practice developing my connection to indicate to myself that my channel is clear, and thus feel prepared and clean to go to work, tackle a project and maintain a loving relationship with friends and co-workers. The environment is a reflection of my state of being. Through practicing my connection daily, I am able to keep my head straight and concentrate on improving the qualities in me that I look forward to offering the world one day.

Have you seen butterflies in your environment yet?

Eternal Love and blessings,

Joel Jacboson.

-Evolve at the pace of your evolution.