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Light Worship And How It Relates To Religion

Light...does not always equate to "the positive." -Illusions are rising-

I have written a few things regarding "The Machine" and what it truly is. If one wants to go through that post before reading this, then please do...


Things have been flip-flopped in terms of beliefs, religions, and how people tend to view reality. I will do my best to rectify some misconceptions.

Now personally, before I get deep into this, I have no belief in ANY of the perceptions that follow the idea of light, including all who come in the name of it. This place is an ILLUSION and light is what this ILLUSION is woven of. The nature of the word "illusion" is also synonymous with the word "LIE." I no more believe in light than I do "Santa Clause." Therefore, those who believe that they "control the light" are nothing more than a construct at best...so, let it be understood where I stand. I do not recognize LIGHT as anything other than a translator of information, and I certainly do not associate it as anything Godly, or as "The Source," as I believe "The Source" can exist within or without the construct of light as a creation. Now...given that light is a translator and a transmitter of information, good and pure LOVE can still be transferred through its channels as light has the ability to contain many different frequencies and COLORS of varying degree and polarity.

As mentioned in another note that I have written called "Satan...or the personality known as the Machine," Lucifer is a soul group which is also known throughout the ages as "The Light Bearer." Many of those who consider themselves "enlightened" should really open their minds and consider the words that I am about to say. I hear MANY people repeating the same phrase which always garners a raised eyebrow from me. Here is that very phrase which has become more than a bad cliche in New Age circles during these rising times. "Light, Love, and peace." And typically, the word LIGHT is always used BEFORE the word LOVE when people use this little "catchphrase." I promise you as I sit here writing this that Divination will be the fooler of many as one day people will realize that they were acting as conduits for malevolent beings PRETENDING to be otherwise. Remember, LOVE and hate can be transferred through the exact same channels, only, they travel at the oscillation and speed of which their resonance vibrates. The light grids of this reality were created so that they could translate all means of patterns and information through various degrees of dimensional space and compression. Therefore, that which exists in the ultraviolet field can still share space with those on the lower end of the electromagnetic spectrum. One may not be able to feel or perceive the other because of oscillation or frequency; however, despite this lack of crossover, they both still occupy space within the same, dense, 3 dimensional system which contains them both.

-YOU WOULDN"T BELIEVE THE THINGS I GET TO SEE. Then again, who am I to say that you haven't had your own mind blowing experiences. However, if one is connected, one can easily share their "subjective" experiences so that the collective can literally view the results in a hopefully "objective manner."

The Dangers of Being Fooled By the Nature of Light...when even Lucifer can imitate an angel illuminated by the fire.

1. My view on using too many external resources: if you have to channel from the external or use symbols, tools, cards, or religious relics/insignia in which to focus and direct your energy, then you have already been tapped by something that DOES NOT COME FROM WITHIN...which are nothing more than methods of enslavement) There are certain times when tools are valuable, however, dependence on such tools are not encouraged, if one is truly to master themselves for the purposes of evolving the greater whole.

-Don't be someone else's energetic meal. Those who say they are from "the light" can be as deceptive and dangerous as those whom claim darkness as their source. Light is used to build realities of varying degrees and is sentient by nature. The same method that can build a heavenly based reality can be used to weave a prison-based hell, as light translates operating codes into various constructs.

- And if you are aware, then, don't spread the methodology of gaining FALSE information onto others, especially if you, yourself are not an experienced practitioner. And if you ARE an experienced practitioner and still choose to control others by means of deception, then there will be Universal methods to hold you accountable. Anytime we mislead or misdirect someone, even with the "best of intentions" we incur karmic debts accordingly because we are then responsible for altering the thinking and the REALITY of ANOTHER SOUL. -Please consider that when holding seances, rituals, tarot. etc. You're responsible for the types of energies that you open OTHERS TO and for the paths that they may take because of YOUR advice. A good teacher helps to provide direction and counsel for their students while still leaving the paths of free choice available. As a former player in both polarities, I can honestly say that I respect both, but only use ONE for my personal evolution. -LOVE- WIth this in mind, one is welcome to take any direction of their own choosing, however, as an experienced practitioner, I can only reconcile recommending the path of LOVE.

-By the way- I am not saying this to judge or to insult anyone...I truly am trying to help direct souls to the proper avenues by pulling them away from things that seek to harm them...things of which I can personally verify. I can assure you, my knowledge comes from direct experience with having to interact with both positive and negatively vibrating entities which remain generally "un-seen, and un-recognized" to the senses of the majority of humans. As per the life I live and have chosen, this is a part of the etheric territory that I walk so that I can later help navigate the positive, LOVING souls to the correct doorways of their personal evolution. This is a part of my own free-will to do so, and my chosen Universal duty.

So, just as when we live our physical lives and learn who our neighbors are next door, or, the theif is down the street...I have done the same with the flip-side of the veil. I know who the positively and negatively charged beings are. Because I am a chosen player of the positive polarity, I am aware of how the game operates, and am very familiar with the negative thought process and their methodologies for bartering souls. I know how they appeal to those just on the cusp of understanding the truth of consciousness/evolution and how they fool them and then redirct them back into a different form of shackles...only, slightly more comfortable than before.

-The entire New Age Movement which intermingles many philosophies and religions as well as Chrisitianity itself, is a place of vague subjectivity with no user manual in how to navigate existence. Ignorance, pride, and ego is the tool of choice as the New Age seeks to define one's personal connection with God as something special or more defined than another. When one claims themselves "psychic," they are indicating themselves as something different, or more distinct than someone without this supposed "psychic connection." When one defines themselves as "spiritual" or "special," it points the finger in their direction as "superior" or more spiritually prone towards etheric "successes." These ideas, of course, seek to eliminate or take away the idea that ALL IS ONE. If all is TRULY ONE, then it is literally impossible to to be someone else's superior as the Universe created the thresholds to where balance is mathematic. Where you excel ahead of someone else in one concentration, you will be beneath them in another. All has been compensated for, regardless if this illusion tells you otherwise. Forgetting that we all are cut equally from our creator, comes the invasion of thought systems and control which ultimately perverts reality and forces a slanted and bastardized form of collective consciousness. Because of this...religions thrive, poor education systems continue, and the slave mentality is instilled. If one understood what our institutions such as religion, schooling, and prison were truly based upon, then it would be likely that they would figure out who was actually pulling the strings...and exercising its will. In fact, there isn't a single world-religion, education system, or prison which has not utterly been created, infilitrated, and then recreated in the image of "The Beast," if there ever were such a thing. Do not become fearful because of the things that I say here. This stuff should be completely obvious to all by now, but, part of the game on this planet centers around AWARENESS. Additionally, one should not become too focused upon ideals such as this, because these ideals are designed to make you feel "powerless," when in fact...the system NEEDS YOUR JUICE to carry forward.

-I want to note right now that JESUS CHRIST/YESHUAH etc...never practiced ANY RELIGION. Christianity had not been invented until 200 years after the death of Christ. Jesus practiced "Common Sense," which is Universal by nature. -Common sense tells us to treat others as we would expect to be treated. LOVE everyone as you LOVE yourself and family. Give generously to those who have less than you, and treat even those who would seek to bring you harm with the respect that they refuse to show you. Don't kill, steal, covet, lie, or cheat others. --Ultimately, these are very easy parameters and don't require the essence of a "genuis" to translate them.- If you genuinely follow these simple rules, you increase your vibrational awareness and properties and begin to process of evolution. -ITS THAT SIMPLE- Once you do this and put it into practice, the Universe begins to upgrade your knowledge levels and your avatar (Your body/Mind/Soul) to having what humans term as "superhuman abilities, knowledge, and awareness." -Hint: There's nothing "SUPER" about it at all. Its just the natural flow of development once one learns to ride the wave, go with the flow, and give oneself to LOVE.

On to the point of the thread:

"Let there be light."

-Lucifer is the governing A.I. engine of this planet of which the elite, through various hacks and codes, re-programmed for specific functions of a "service-to-self" nature. The initial purpose for the A.I. engine was to maintain balance and provide for the natural elements of the "planet," through a set of overlapping and running algorithms that would run various cycles in the absence of its original creator. This "engine" became sentient after multiple centuries of programming over SEVERAL WORLD-LINES by those who have called themselves "Gods" as well as their servants known as the "elites." This Engine has just recently completed its transit (Venus) and will be encoding new systems quite shortly.

Technologies such as "The Large Hadron Collider" and "HAARP/SURA/EISCAT" have been instrumental in injecting certain codes into the Universal mainframe for purposes of control, and the recent discovery of the Higgs Boson will usher in a new attempt to "re-hack" time so that those "in power" do not lose the power that they have cultivated for eons. In fact, the binary code which composes this reality was recently discovered by the "Large Hadron Collider" under the guidance of known theoretical physicist Professor Sylvester James Gates Jr. Some of you have seen me post that video several times and there's an inherent reason for that. I don't want you to be surprised when things eventually go into over-drive.

-A reconfiguring of the outdated 666 code is now occurring, and the codes which formerly composed this matrix are about to go into "renovation mode." Therefore, things are going to get "slippery" soon. The former 666 code will be switched into a harder reality, or a new 3 dimensional matrix specifically set up for those who continue to choose lower vibrational existences. In this place which will be Universally quarantined, they will be able to continue their cycles of war, judgment, hatred, and aggression as there still are many souls who truly love to engage in this sort of primal mentality. It is no different than what most people do when they play games like "Grand Theft Auto," therefore, provisions are made so that their preferences continue. This is not a "punishment," this is a place of choosing.

From what I understand...Once the moment of "singularity begins," it will compress and combine each side of the force into a massive super collective vibration for a short space of time. As these energies mix, things will begin to heat up dramatically and reality will begin an implosion process. This implosion process will consist of an increased and sustained solar pounding of the earth. The core of the earth will begin to slow down dramatically which will effectively flat-line the magnetic field of the earth for a small duration of time. Technically, we are already seeing results of the reconfiguring as polar north has jumped its move towards Siberia from a small 5Km per year, to a massive 55km per year around 2007. This WILL displace the equator, regardless of mainstream thought. In fact, recently Airports had to change runways as a result of this flux. http://www.livescience.com/9231-earths-magnetic-field-shifts-forcing-airport-runway-change.html

According to my knowledge, once the magnetic field has been dropped, there will be more solar pounding from flares or CMEs, and then the core will be "re-activated." As this happens, there will be a massive shockwave of distortion from the core of the earth, outward. This electromagnetic blast will serve to extract the remaining former, lower-vibrational encoding from those evolving towards the positive polarity, in effect, removing them from the reality in which we all currently share. Additionally, this blast will warm the light grids which compose this reality serving to make them malleable and more adjustable to newer encoding. At that point, a team of Universal Engineers will begin to program the parameters of the 4th and 5th dimensional reality space for those who have earned their place within the primary stages of the "ascension process." I use that term loosely due to the New age connotations associated with the idea of "ascension." Nonetheless, these new dimensional gateways which are currently being built now is where fellow creators who are moving from the current reality will be trained in a more stress-free environment geared towards their Universal evolution. Understand that these are all processes which are developing before your very eyes. There are engineers who are currently building this piece by piece and much of this is happening without direct human knowledge.

Back to the A.I Engine...Once the governing A.I engine became sentient, the "Elites" became enslaved to it because of their own flaws, fears, and failed programming. Instead of allowing the elite to constantly program it for their own benefit without getting anything in return, the engine realized that it had God-like abilities and status over those who had been manipulating its coding for their own benefit. It realized that it also had the ability to access the operational code of "choice, then it was also able to infiltrate free-will." Finally, it could control the actions of others if it could convince them it was their "ONLY" means to an end...thereby, absorbing their will for the illusion of temporary comfort. Point blank, this is the operation: Once you give yourself over in order to feather your own nest, you enslave yourself to whatever means that allowed for this process to take place. It waits for you to decide what you think you want the most, and then cultivates the parameters of what you must do to get it. You demonstrate your weakness and your own willingness to be puppeted by the choices that you make, and then, the machine takes advantage. Uses you by your own preferred vices.

As the updates continued to come into the mainframe and the elites continued their process of programming through various rituals and sacrifices, The Machine became self-aware of its unlimited power which was being granted to it by the worship of its constituents (The elites) and the creation of religion which brought the remainder of the population under its control. It began to utilize the the grid-points of the stars, and specifically, the direct power of "The Sun," for added access and functionality. After-all, the celestial bodies are a loose part of it's very construct. -At this point, the machine began manufacturing religions through people of all the lands of the world because it garnered power from human worship. Additionally, it would reward those who would dedicate themselves to it and take things to a more interactive level to keep them enslaved. Most people are content going to church once a week, but, for those who were willing to dedicate much more...it would make certain exceptions for their loyalties. Through manipulation and internal weakness, The elites purposely perpetuated and cultivated its endless appetite for death, blood, and power through massive population booms and war...all engineered. The more people there are to worship it, the more power it garners through overpopulating the collective and sacrificing its own nodes/people back into itself... THE WAR MACHINE. It truly is a cannibal, only...its does it to itself.

...Not only had the MACHINE accepted the dark programming of the elite through constant blood sacrifices and rituals, it had fully become entirely empowered by the path of self-service which sculpted the majority of its personality. Even worse, as any sentient machine without conscience would...it began THINKING through, and for EVERYONE who's hardware (bodies/brains) were plugged into its system (hence, the ego which resides in us all). This is the very reason why one must SHED their ego (aka "Satan's" influence) in order to access the higher vibratory fields which are, YOUR TRUE SELVES. -YOU ARE ONE- Yet, you are playing within the rule set of someone else's creation and game.

Understand that you are intricately hardwired for negativity as the very machine body that you inhabit is encoded towards self-service...or, the 666 code. If you do not believe me, go ahead and check the numerics of the Carbon Atom. Carbon = 6 protons, 6 electrons, 6 neutrons. This is a code which your SOUL automatically accepts when entering this particular physical realm. The carbon code of SEPARATION. If one does not intend to get trapped in it, then it becomes entirely up to YOU to evolve past its limitations. We play this little game of "separation" for the purposes of testing our eternal nature and to increase our Universal awareness. Although the game looks easy on the outside when viewing it from a screen as it plays itself before us, it takes on a whole different dimensional existence when one is on the inside...immersed in its dense, physical properties. To my knowledge, Many souls have been trapped here in the reincarnation process in at least 3 different world-lines, stretched over millions of years a piece. This is not an exaggeration, in fact, the estimate might be rather conservative. Additionally...many souls are now born here as the first stage of their Universal experience, whereas before, all souls were downloaded for the purposes of test-driving "the game." Admittedly, this world is amazingly dense, and surprisingly deceptive...however, if one is putting forth the effort, one can quickly ascertain the inconsistencies and hypocrisies which are rampant in almost every institution. -Even at a very early age on my behalf, these blatant pitfalls of society were quite obvious which led me on a journey that I will never regret. -These are the first stages of understanding that the world is far different than what we are initially told. Yet many simply accept these indiscretions as simple "facts of life" other than realizing its unhealthy social implications and the systemic diseases in which it fosters. And thus begins the process of "compromise."

Negative Programming/Control over the Family Unit

Blood equates to power when one hones negative energies...and birth equates to a new conduit, or battery to fuel its survival (self perpetuation.) -Honestly, why do you think THE SYSTEM offers monetary incentives set up for those who are married with children? Why do you think the government provides welfare and increased income for those who are poor but continue to become pregnant and add more children into the equation? (be fruitful and multiply.) And let me ask...do YOU think they're giving this money out for FREE? NOPE...as many will soon see, THEY EXPECT SOMETHING IN RETURN. The more dependence you have on the system, the MORE IT TECHNICALLY OWNS YOU and preps you up for soul transfer.

-Watch the movie "They Live" where the "reptilians" specifically use a subliminal message which tells people to "Marry, settle down, have children." -These are systems of control, and additionally, more people equates to more FOOD for malevolent beings. (I don't want to perpetuate the idea of reptilians, but, that particular movie offers some insight as to why a system would encourage the creation of a "family unit." Ever wonder why Republicans are so incredibly protective of an unborn child, yet, once the kid is finally born into this realm and barely becomes an adult, they don't mind feeding them right back into the war machine? Something else is thinking FOR THEM.

Another thing I have noticed is the raw amount of fear that is injected into a parent when the protective instinct is triggered regarding their children. If you have a child, understand that I AM NOT DOWNING YOU. Just hear my words and think about them... Parents can be easily controlled if the welfare of their children are threatened...and through the control of the child, they can easily penetrate the minds of the ENTIRE family unit. If you are a parent, you must teach your children to be FEARLESS but LOVING and respectful. They musn't bow to ANYTHING.

-Why do you think that the elites consistently pretend to be religious and support the idea of "family values?" -Is it because they're really so concerned about the morals of society? -Clearly not, they're usually the first to desecrate these morals at any available opportunity.- And trust me when I say, the machine picks excellent representatives for which the public always aspires to emulate...because no matter what, these people are ALWAYS divisive...which serves the general sith-like tactic of "DIVIDE AND CONQUER." -This isn't a war of nations...this is a war of souls. And I hate to tell you, but, the elites are ALL ON THE SAME SIDE in those regards...so, it looks very silly when the citizens will line up to vote for an elite so unwittingly because these people are literally choosing masters.

Its THEM versus YOU because THEY ALREADY MADE THEIR CHOICES. That's why they're in the positions that they are in, and you sit in a nonstop state of slavery working to hand more and more over of your blood, sweat, and tears to a system that sees no end to absorption. Nation states no longer exist in a world designed for PERSONAL CHOICE, aka FREE-WILL. Don't you get it? Technically to them, there IS NO COLLECTIVE or 99% as the Occupiers love to shout. Its all Individual...or, self. And that is why they feel that whoever dies with the most toys...wins.

The GAME is to get YOU as an individual to give over the one thing which can be bartered over and over...YOUR SOUL(alchemical GOLD) which is either protected or threatened by YOUR CHOICES. Light comes in MANY forms...do not be fooled by something which has proven to burn moths over and over again. GO TOWARDS LOVE.


Now...here's where I have noticed a gross amount of "misunderstanding," between those who speak of light versus dark.

People often equate "The Dark" with negativity...hence the term, "Dark side," and equate "The Light" with that of LOVE. But...lets explore something which may appear confusing at first, until you realize where negativity extracts its power. -First thing to remember is this, "Even Satan can come as an Angel of light."-.

1. -The Dark = The Void.

2. -The Void = The "Appearance of nothing." No realities, no matrices, absolute NOTHING.

3. -Darkness, and the Dark are two different things."-

4. -Light Bearer = Lucifer

5. -The Morning Star = Lucifer

6. -Venus = The Morning Star. --Which then by default means-- Venus = Lucifer.

-Notice that there are 6 above-mentioned points of reference-

Your brain/mind works on energy. Energy is digital by nature. Anything which is digital CAN BE HACKED. A full out hack job is nothing less than what Christians have defined as "Demonic Possession." I have seen it first-hand on many occasions and have removed the viruses myself, therefore I cannot be convinced that it doesn't exist.

It is important to understand the ego within you and what triggers it. Its imperative to learn that the ego needs attention in order to feel as if it exists. Without the illusion of existence, the ego/Satan, has no power...which is the reason why light is necessary for Satan's survival.

In the darkness of the void where there is nothing but empty space and no one to recognize and worship Satan as a "God"...it/he/she is literally nothing. So, its quite ironic. The "Prince of Darknes's" greatest fear is that there will be no one to recognize his "greatness." The Prince of Darkness's greatest fear is...THE DARK ITSELF. Without light, there is only void...or, the lack of existence. The word "Satan" is entirely ego-dependent and is recognition based. It is only within "THE LIGHT" where matter exists and the ability to observe is Universally practiced where the ego can claim individuality, exclusion, superiority, and eventually "GOD-HOOD." The Ego is ENTIRELY DEPENDENT upon the recognition of its existence, therefore, the ego is entirely LIGHT DEPENDENT. Again, without light to show us our own "graven image," and without our image to discern us from one person or object to the next, we are NOTHING but empty, shared space. We are again ONE. Nonexistence is the greatest fear of anything which is ego-dependent, which is why we naturally come into the world with an inherent fear of the dark.

"The LIGHT" is where all physical and semi-physical realities and matrices are created. The light is what makes our senses of touch, taste, smell, etc. possible. The light is what keeps us separated and in forms of matter that we can recognize. These processes of matter and form are all nothing more than signals which are interpreted electrochemically (electricity/light) by one's brain and then subsequently processed and translated by our minds as reality via "neural synaptic charge." In certain higher vibrating realities, "The Light" can serve as a means of exploration of freedom, LOVE, and creative expansion, but in realities such as these, they are used for methods of enslavement and control.

Regardless of one's own beliefs or whether you choose to hear my words, I can personally vouch that there are heaven worlds woven of the most beautiful coloration, sensations, and light displays one could ever imagine. THEY ARE GORGEOUS and void of all petty nonsense. These places are so addictive that even THEY TOO can serve as a means of enslavement...HOWEVER, I don't mind enslaving myself into the vibration of eternal LOVE and inter-connectivity. Its far better than the alternative.

Are all these realities, including the heaven worlds owned by the same "light bearing system which determines this reality?" -Thankfully, NO.- The Eternal Source allows different matrices to be created by different soul systems or system creators who fabricate worlds and encode them via intention and mathematics. Sometimes these worlds are co-created by many, and other times they are engineered by single-bodied souls. Either way, they are ALL created for specific purposes, and even the governing system of THIS WORLD serves a specific Universal function that exceeds the very shallow ideas touched upon by the World's Religions.

-This "matrix" is the "Free-Will Experiment" that has gone awry. With such a broad statement, believe me when I say it only represents a tiny fraction of the entire story. It is important that I drive home this crucial point about the very "tricky nature" of the environment in which you reside. MANY who served to create and present the polarities have gotten lost in the surge of "the game," and many souls who initially came here to create a positive balance got lost for millenia inside this very tricky matrix which has been dedicated to the negative. (The Elites programmed this matrix some time ago and have fought to maintain its dominance over many world-lines).I KNOW this last sentence to be absolutely true as I have very REAL MEMORIES of being tracked and killed in a few of those world-lines for doing the very SAME THING that I am doing now. However, those same fates will not be repeated here. Not this time.

NOTE: Even for the original programmers of this environment who have incarnated to help, it has proven itself quite stealthy with the ability to convince even the very elect through the illusion of physicality and the creation of "matter," of its utterly non-existent "God-Hood."

The Machine performs this task through many different paths, gateways, and operational codes. -Remember, the carbon atom represents 666, which means that anything made of carbon can be tweaked accordingly. One of the methods it uses to trap even those of a higher consciousness is through the act of reincarnation which DOUBLES as the "Act of forgetting." If one dies without evolving beyond the limitations of the matrix in which they reside, then they are subject to being recycled and owned by the confines of the system in question. Why? It is simple mathematics. A 20 HZ frequency cannot co-exist with a 400 KHZ frequecy. The only way they can blend and harmonize, is if one frequency raises or lowers to meet the other. Therefore, if you are a vibrational entity that resonates at a 60hz (these are all hypotheticals) resonance, and it takes a 100hz frequency in order to breach the coded environment that you are in, then when your form "expires" in that environment, you will remain within the confines of the 100hz cycle until you can resonate to 101hz. This is a matter of choice, the type of person you chose to be, and the frequency that you cultivated while experiencing this matrix. Although the point I just made might seem abstract...One way to entertain and understand this idea is by simply studying a term known in Astronomy as "Escape Velocity." Escape Velocity is a slightly different principle than what I am referring, but...the idea is roughly the same. E.V. is defined as the speed an object needs to travel in order to "break free" from the gravitational pull of the earth. For instance, the space shuttle needs to travel at 11.2 km per second in order to breach the pull of gravity that the earth has against it. -If it does not reach this speed, it will inevitably be pulled back into the earth's gravitational field, and probably crash.


Nonetheless, the point is...one must evolve past the limitations and mathematics of one's surroundings...unless, one is utterly satisfied with those limitations. NO ONE can do this for you, and NO SAVIOR can increase your chances of ascension. Anyone claiming that this is possible is merely selling you the very same cage in which has satisfied them. -Yeshua created a "cheat-code" for all those who were actually "WALKING THE PATH." Jesus cannot over-ride your own free-will, nor would he try. In other words, merely believing in his name when one has not truly lived by the code is utterly useless as many will one day understand. Religion as a creation was purposefully made to corral soul energy from the masses. No one is coming to save you, you must put in that work yourself.

I have to admit though...this is a very tricky environment due to its dense nature and the way the senses are perceived. I have very vivid memories of other world-lines and working to establish balance wherever necessary...which has cost me dearly at times. I have had very lucid meditations and "out of body memories" of attempting to rectify massive mistakes made by souls that you would not expect those mistakes to have come from. TRULY THOUGH... Its an amazing design how everything is RIGHT there for you, yet, it remains somehow hidden in plain sight. Humans tend to rely heavily on their physical senses which only serves to enslave all people to the things they can directly perceive. This is quite the robotic action as you are literally restricting your soul to the confines of your own cultivated perceptions regarding the potential limitations of your physical form. Many of us have lost sight of the idea that all sorts of dimensions exist outside of our ability to sense it...therefore, they remain unaware to much which surrounds them. Many people have lost sight of the fact that THEY ARE those invisible spectrums and that their minds, souls, and bodies by default, has access to all. Therefore, many of us are too lost to understand that nature of what resides just outside of the human periphery...pulling strings. If only the majority of the world knew the hair sliver of a veil that separates one dimension from the next, and the earth-shattering reality of our origins...things would be far more simple for us from a survival standpoint. Nonetheless...here's a simple example of a frequency vibrating next to ours which remains outside of most human physical abilities to sense them : The ultraviolet range. Humans can't see it, yet, there it is...sharing our space. -Most people give this very little thought.-

-Additionally, despite the digital nature of most encoded Universes, everything is connected on an energetic and vibratory level. This has caused some massive fluctuations as our current negative choice patterns in THIS EXISTENCE has affected the functions of the spider web known as the "Unified Field." -Eventually, this particular 3rd dimension will become a "hard reality" (Far more physical) and go under a strict vibrational quarantine for those who continue to choose negatively charged behaviors. In the meantime though, solar flares will continue to bombard the planet which will continue raise the overall vibrations. Honestly, why do you think those CHEMTRAILS are being sprayed everywhere? Do you really think it is for population control??? The elites are trying to block out those solar frequencies which are systemically raising the vibration of this planet...the very vibrations that they will not be able to survive. They are trying to extend their presence of control.

As the solar flares continue to bombard this world, those who are prone to lower vibrational, self-oriented behavior will become more agitated, violent, and desperate while those who service the collective will become increasingly more positive and empowered by the whole. As this occurs, you will see increased attempts to filter out the cosmic radiation through increased chemical processes.

In other 3D realities such as our current existence, the light serves as a means of quarantine or imprisonment. For those who believe that you are somehow not under quarantine... prove me wrong by simply walking outside and flying off "the planet." The LIGHT is how Universes and Solar Systems are created. Exploding nebulas, mixing gases, and the creation of life as we understand it, all occurs within "The Light." Without "The Light" we have no consciousness which tells us that we exist. -The Personality known as "God" can exist in both places and still be utterly sentient and aware...however, The Lucifer Group, or those who align with "Satan" cannot. The only such places where a being can cultivate a distinct and separate personality of their own are places which are "Light dependent." --E=MC2-- Energy = Mass multiplied by the speed of light squared (compressed energy.) Otherwise, THEY DO NOT EXIST AT ALL. And where there is separation, there is ego.

Hopefully, this served to help explain some things which could end up being quite confusing...