Ladies and gentlemen, it is HERE!

The courses at Evolved Ministry are evolving. Recently two new courses were published and added to the University platform.

The two courses were designed by our very own Nutritional Investigator, Joel Jacobson, who wrote the following on his Facebook wall:

As you may know, the first Nutrition Self Mastery course has been featured on the bundle course and serves as a basis of knowledge. It basically lays down a foundation, which prepares the student for the information covered in the second course (PART 2). Moreover, the first course also offers a good insight into the movement of energy and examines new discoveries within the realm of water.

The second course is designed to enrich you beyond your expectations. There is plenty of science and a gradual buildup of knowledge, whose goal is to paint for you a strong picture of what is happening on the molecular scale. Because the name of the game is health and Optimal Performance, comprehending the process of Inflammation is critical before examining what food and diets actually do to your body.

You may not understand now what is inflammation, but after completing Nutrition Self Mastery PART 2, you will, and that knowledge will allow you to gain the more meaningful insights and wisdom associated with healing.

After all, when a body part gets inflamed, it exerts its influence on the mind - drawing it towards the needs of the body. This cry for help by the physical form has the potential to be short-lived (acute) or develop into something more chronic (long-lasting). The problem with long-lasting inflammatory responses is that the tissue can develop scarring, but more so, there is the potential of organ failures and the development of degenerative diseases. All in all, the mind is distracted and preoccupied by help-signals, which keeps the mind from attaining and switching through altered states of consciousness (something necessary for establishing a Connection with the environment).

The third course is a gem. It opens the student up to the basics of our physiology - which is WATER.

The third course is also a PART One course, designed to examine our body's needs for water, and what happens to different organs when the water status of the body declines. This first course lays down the foundation for the techniques and the deeper insights planned to be offered in PART Two. For now, the course offers extremely valuable information for the Self Mastery practitioner, and a foundation of knowledge for when the webinars start and you would like to expand your understanding further.

This course is also bite-size lessons, designed to examine one to two concepts at a time. But the difference with this course is that every lesson is only in video format, in simple English.

The third course was not designed to be a continuation for the first two courses, which means that you could skip straight to it. But the first two courses are what's going to be the difference between superficial understanding and a sturdy foundation of knowledge. So if you're really serious about your Self Mastery studies, we suggest you to start from Nutrition Self Mastery PART 1 and make your way.

More courses are being developed as you read this. The crew at Evolved Ministry are working hard to supply you with the best education possible. Our school is already supplying exceptional knowledge to help you to develop yourself.

Visit us today to get started on this exhilarating path of self discovery.

Your evolution is our priority.

Eternal LOVE

Joel Jacobson