The Unconditional LOVE code, 17.7777777(infinity)

December 10, 2011 at 3:25am

Fibonacci Code/I-Ching: 64 Hexagrams repeated 64 times to create spiral. (11 numerical sequences of 11.)

Mayan Cycle: 26,000 year Cycle (Spirals in their artwork)

Sumerian Cycle: 3,600 Cycle (spirals in their artwork)

Abstract and rationale-

Now, for those who think these are all just randomly chosen numbers, you couldn't be more mistaken. These are the "oldest," cultures that we have on record and incidentally, each culture provided a written history with a record of mathematics, time, and hieroglyphs ( or a form of written language). One thing that these cultures have with almost ALL cultures across the earth is their reference to the "Spiral," and "vortex-based mathematics."

Additionally, the Mayans as well as the Aztecs left their versions of a calendar which has been relatively accurate in time sequencing from their (Mayan) last 26,000 year cycle. -Incidentally, they just recently made their 26,000 year journey across America to perform the breaking of the seals for the "system reboot." We've been led to believe many things about the Mayan culture, however, things haven't exactly been explained to us the way that it TRULY IS. -This world WILL NOT END, it is only going to reconfigure.

This is something you should look up for yourselves, because it is very important, for the sake of argument, for you to have all of the information at your disposal should you choose to disagree with this assessment, or if you simply choose to further your research efforts for additional personal validation.

AGAIN- ALL of these cultures have ONE thing in common besides being the oldest of all written civilizations...they are heavily influenced by the SPIRAL, which can be found in their hieroglyphs and artwork, including many of their structures and megaliths. In fact, the spiral is intrinsic by nature and has been found in almost every ancient and modern civilization. Although many of these civilizations simply incorporated the spirals into their artwork, carpentry, or engineering without additional explanation to the general public of what it all meant. Maybe they assumed that we would have "common sense," enough to have properly figured it out. But, since our government, as well as scholars rarely share useful information with the public, much of the history behind these ancient civilizations remain shrouded.

It is PROVEN that the spiral is the basic tenet in which ALL LIFE IS FORMED...therefore, with the written accounts left by these civilizations explaining vortex mathematics, a perfectly sequenced calendar which has been scientifically proven quite accurate, and an inherent ability to navigate the stars (reading grid-lines), I would have to say that the numbers and clues that these civilizations, especially the Mayans, left behind are very indicative of the codes in which create LIFE ITSELF... to which EVERYTHING is derived within this matrix. One can disagree if they choose, and honestly, I don't blame you; but, the rationale is based upon sound analysis of civilizations older than our very youthful, and failed science experiment that we call America. Realize that your entire reality has been defined by what information THEY HAVE CHOSEN TO SHARE WITH YOU. As many go through the process of "HIGHER EDUCATION," and fool themselves into believing that they are more enlightened than the average high school dropout, just know that your programming and acceptance of a false paradigm has weakened your internal resolve worse than a pre-school child without the conditioning of "CONFORMITY." Higher education is merely the solidification of the "slavery program," which was designed to turn you into a loyal "consumer and a stead-fast producer." At this point, after having paid and slaved to become part of a higher earning, and functioning system, the slave will FIGHT to keep the system intact for the mere purposes of perpetuating THEIR OWN egoic need for greater status within the system that they've dedicated themselves. We are soon to learn of just how grandiose this failure is/was.

Nonetheless, this simple calculation gives us plenty to look forward to.

I want to also note that these civilizations also had an amazing attention to detail when it came to building the pyramids or any structure which was MEANT TO LAST. These pyramids have been found across the earth and were millimeters away from being PERFECTLY SQUARE. Their engineering was so perfect, that these ancient monuments still stand today, without concrete or false adhesives to hold them together. Not only were the stones perfectly cut to where razor blades cannot fit between the cracks, but, they were masterfully designed despite the fact that many of the stones did NOT weigh the exact same in their horizontal grid points...yet, weighed the exact same from base to base. We can even note that these pyramids were aligned perfectly with the Sirius star system, and were perfectly laid for sustainability, and possible communication with outside sources. (The pyramids were topped with GOLD, and believe me, this wasn't just for aesthetics). -I hardly see anything built today with these same qualities.-

Spirals= the creation of Galaxies, Star Systems, Solar Systems, Planets, plant life, animal life, vortexes, tornadoes, cyclones, storm systems. The spiral is prevalent in every form of life from our fingertips, to the beauty of roses, dandelions, and the most beautiful of storm systems. I will again explain more of this shortly.

THE MATHEMATICS (sometimes the most complex of numerical systems can be found in the most basic of mathematics. Because this world is based upon separation and division, then almost all mathematics which define the way our reality operates should be approached the SAME WAY. -DIVISION- This is where we will find some basic answers.

Now, for the sake of this numeric system, I played with some numbers. 64 hexagrams are simply pushed to 10^3. Why? Because I was looking at the 26,000 year Mayan Cycle and decided to add the zeroes to see what would occur. So, we take the 64 hexagrams which repeat 64 times, pull it to 10^3 and get 64,000. Then we divide this by the 3600 year Sumerian Cycle. This brings us to 17.7777777(infinity). In the end, the full binary representation of this number would just be...177777777777777777, reducing away 10ths, hundredths, thousands, millionths.

64,000/3600= 17.7777777(infinity)

Next, I then took the 26,000 Year Mayan Cycle and Divide it by the 3600 year Sumerian cycle = 7.2222222(Infinity). So the first code begins with 1 and finishes with sevens. The second code begins with 7 and finishes with twos.

Do you notice the reversal. Initial code: begins with ONE and pushes 7 into infinity. Second code begins with Seven and pushes 2 into infinity...(there is absolutely NO coincidence with that, however, some people might try to say otherwise. In fact, there would be those that see NO CONNECTION AT ALL.) However, when it comes to mathematics...there ARE NO coincidences...ever.

And if this is the case, then truly, there are NO coincidences in LIFE, because mathematics DEFINES it.

If one cannot see this blatant numerical ordering, then it would be impossible for them to understand the next bit of sequencing.

New information has emerged and been brought to light regarding the number 72.

Although many are not familiar with Ram, I would suggest looking him up. He's quite the fascinating individual and has had some parallel experiences in regards to my personal practice.

Now, as you can see, I came up with the 7.2 through the process of simple division, however...a little reminder below prompted me to look a bit deeper into the number 72 which can be found across several religions.

Ram speaks in terms of Buddhism regarding 72 Goddesses, which brought me to another calculation regarding infinity...

7+1=8 8 is in the shape of infinity. So, you take the 64 cubed sequence and divide it by the 72 (Goddesses) as mentioned by Ram (a child who spent multiple years in meditation without drinking or eating a THING.) So, 64/72= .88888888(infinity.)

Summary- 17.7777777(infinity) connects us into our divine, and unified nature. The number 17.7777777 seems to be a link, thread, or UNIFYING FACTOR between all advanced cultures of the past, present, and probably future. If 666 is the carbon code of SEPARATION that fools us into believing ourselves as distinct biological beings living on planet earth, then 17.7 is the code which proves UNIFICATION, or, a reflection of the TRUTH of our existence...LOVE. Therefore, it remains hidden. Un-taught...un-touched.

-Again...remember that the number 42 is nothing more than a reflection of the carbon code itself. As the movie "Hitchhiker's to the Galaxy states,"42 is the answer to life, The Universe, and everything." reminder: 42=6X6+6. Additionally, the reason why it is 6 X 6 + 6, is because during the process of ionization, electrons are either lost or gained (added or subtracted.)

Once again as I have explained in other notes, the Carbon Code = 6 protons, 6 electrons, 6 neutrons. ALL LIFE as we know it is composed of carbon. Everything within the Universe as we understand it, is carbon based...EVEN IF IT ISN'T (wink). Which means that the "Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy's reference to 42 as the answer to LIFE, THE UNIVERSE, AND EVERYTHING...might have a bit of merit in what we call "reality."

-Never underestimate the idea that there are VERY intelligent and knowledgable people in Hollywood. I think many people brush off the idea that TRUTH can be hidden in the workings of fiction.

So, lets look into further encoding: 64/72

.88888888(infinity) informs us of our eternal nature throughout space and time. After-all, the infinity symbol itself is an 8 turned sideways.

Finally, I believe THIS calculation to be the Tell-Tale signs of a repeating pattern:

I took the number 11 (Fibonacci) and divided it by the Sumerian Cycle 3600. I then took that number and divided it by the 26,000 year Mayan cycle. And this is the product taken off of my scientific calculator:

11/3,600/26,000 = 1.1752136E-7

Next we take this product and divide by PI. 1.17/3.14=.3726114649 (again we come across the 72 within the sequencing. (3-72-611-4649) It could be argued that the final numerical sequence of 49 is merely 7x7, but, many people would suggest that this is merely "reaching." -hey, whatever helps one sleep at night- Maybe there's a relation on this one, maybe there isn't. However...I tend to see things a bit more "openly" than most.

Basic Explanation:

Now, if all of these civilizations were able to accurately calculate their own cycles and were familiar with vortex mathematics, then this also indicates that they were quite aware of the infinity of the Cosmos. If we are all ONE and truly connected by space and time, then space and time shows us that we are all of ONE fabric, indicating Unity being our Universal value. If we are all ONE, then separation is an ILLUSION and that ONE TRULY cannot be divided against itself in a unified can only have the illusion thereof which would equate to EGO; or the definition of self. If one cannot be divided against itself, then in fact, LOVE would be at our core as an INSTINCT just as we believe the preservation of life is. If this is the case...then, we are TRULY undivided and woven within the TRUTH of the total construct of Unconditional LOVE (the Universe...UNI-VERSE. 1 VERSE...ONE). It is only in the illusion of 3 dimensional realities where we entertain the act of separation that allows us to experience everything which WE ARE NOT, in order to come back to the process of REMEMBERING everything that we TRULY ARE. It's a game, or, a play of sorts where we all entertain ourselves by creating a Universal soap opera, or, a grand tale for the ages. The Universe does this for purposes of evolution and creation, but, in the is for the illusion of BEING or EXISTENCE. Ultimately, and to the detriment of all that is ego...all we are is moving and vibrating harmonics...a waveform, and eventually, we are nothing. Nothing but consciousness.

Unconditional LOVE is the true foundation and building blocks for all THAT IS. Biologicals (people) and machines which exist in this three dimensional energy grid currently known as "reality," is only woven from consciousness, creation, and mathematics. Reality is interpreted by the mainframe in Universal mathematic language. Humans are just now breaking the barriers with particle acceleration to understand how the coding operates in a binary system. Because reality is composed of numerics which can be calculated, the information is translated to scientists by a source known as energy/light/frequency/photons.

Light (299792458 meters per second) which creates the fabric of SPACE AND TIME is simply a matter of measuring the wavelength(color), or frequency (resonant cycles) in which the light itself vibrates. Interestingly enough, light tends to vibrate on multiple harmonics, levels, and frequencies...therefore, not all light is translated evenly. Even more interesting is the fact that light is made of pure consciousness. In other words, light is a "thinking, self-aware entity," which often changes behavior when observed. This can be proven in life through scientific observation of animal and human behavior. For instance...when a child plays, does that child tend to show off more when it knows that it has an audience? Observation of an object will often activate it. Science also teaches us this fact with its presentation of "the double slit experiment." The double slit experiment illustrates for us that the dual nature of photons (particle and wave). However, these dual properties are only enacted with the act of observation.(See the Double Slit Experiment).

If a human being is simply compressed light, and we know this to be true, then light proves itself to be a sentient force which is embedded into the cosmos ITSELF, wiring us into its fabric and connecting each node with the next. These very numbers are indeed, the fabric and the code for what we perceive as the DNA strand, and are merely compressed frequencies which vibrate simultaneously creating the illusion known as matter. E=MC2. It will eventually evolve to E=MC3. Which, by the way, is the new building blocks for a crystalline reality.

For the fun of it, lets take the 64 hexagrams and divide it by the speed of light...

Answer = 2.1348102E-7 (to the 7th)

For those who are familiar with the band "Tool," check this out...I took 64, multiplied it by 26, and then divided it by the 36, and came up with 46.2 or (46 and 2). 64x26=1664 1664/36=46.2 (These numbers are all interchangeable and provide roughly the same result. Do you find it ironic how 3 sets of numbers (64, 26, and 36) provide the basic building blocks and the foundation for ALL carbon based life and its evolution???

Side Note and not necessarily related: Found this to be interesting. Jupiter has 64 moons/satellites which orbit it.

46 and 2 defined:

64 sequence, the Singularity, Terrence McKenna:

After I had calculated with simple mathematics the initial code, coincidences and synchronicities presented themselves in maddening numbers. In fact, one good look at my Facebook page shows picture after picture of people commenting in 7 minutes, or 7 seconds after I make a post about 17.7777777. (planned? No. How could I plan the free-will of Facebook friends from every corner of the globe?) I'm sure there are many who have grown tired of my constant posts regarding this, but, I believe this to be one of the most important numbers ever calculated, therefore I post freely. This number is ALL ABOUT Unconditional LOVE=17.7777777. It has already tied many people together in intricate synchronicities highlighting our commonalities and the Universal NATURE of our divine selves creating the very genetic change within our systems that will evolve our DNA to a higher level of Consciousness. If YOU TRULY LOVE HUMANITY and the UNIVERSE, you will spread this number as far and wide as humanly possible. Yes, this is a condition...and for the first time EVER, I don't mind placing the burden upon you to openly SHARE this rise in our evolution with one and ALL. This number is far more powerful than you could possibly imagine, and if you spread it and continue to have others spread it, we will boost consciousness to new new heights, TO A NEW EVOLUTION.

Infect the world with this number...INFECT the world with your Unconditional LOVE. It means SO MUCH!!!

Your choice...but, I promise you, you'll notice an immediate difference in the people and synchronizations around you...You'll never know unless you try. -Just post, "Unconditional LOVE to all of You, 17.7777777(infinity) to your Facebook page and see the results that you get. I know you won't regret it!!!

As the code continues to evolve with more clues, I will keep you updated. This is as real as it comes. Do NOT underestimate it or confuse it with mere, "Coincidence."

First link=Double Slit Experiment

Second Link=Thrive (Full Length)

You need to copy and paste it into your browser...

Additional coincidences with my own PERSONAL wiring into the code. This will probably mean NOTHING to anyone else. -I am just referencing this for me.- So, if you're reading this...all below information is pretty irrelevant to anything relating to you and should probably be considered meaningless fodder.

My birthday is 07-31-1973. According to numerology, we take out all of the non-7 numbers and add them together. 3+1+1+9+3=17. Then we take the 7 numbers and put them together including the non-7 related numbers. 17.77 (I'll get into the meaning of this some other time.)

Then for soccer, my jersey number was number 17, for 17 years.

I used to have a recurring dream about a school located just west of my apartment called Tri-North Middle School. Long story short while leaving out TONS of details, in the dream there was an area back there in which I would go. I found out one day that this back area of the school ACTUALLY EXISTS. When I went back there, I found my name written in cursive across a huge limestone slab that sits in this cubby hole behind the school. Right across from this stone slab with my name on it, is doorway #7, which leads into the school. Believe me when I say that THIS IS NOT COINCIDENCE NOR AN ACCIDENT. I've had many "situations" occur because of the location of this stone. Its...very interesting.

Additionally, since this code has been discovered, or calculated by me...its been ONE rolling coincidence and parallel after the other. Almost anyone who knows me can vouch for this, and all have seen my posts on facebook regarding this code and the serendipitous events that happen right before your very eyes. In fact, I've watched this code become pervasive to anyone who views it. Even now, Obama is choosing to take a 17 day vacation on the 17th of December 2011. This, of course, isn't being done in honor of the sacred number...its being done as a perversion thereof.