This article is in reference to a trend I have noticed within certain segments of the "spiritual community." Understand that I do not claim absolutes nor am not judging; but, I am making an observation of which if entertained, might make a bit of sense.

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Within the spiritual community, the term "grounding" has almost become a cliché due to its widespread usage with little to no thought or oversight to how it is used. Always remember...Words certainly have meaning, vibration, and resonance. Therefore, entire perceptions can be built upon how language is spoken, perceived, and delivered. -The term "grounding" is very specific, yet, not fully understood by many within the vast reaches of the millions of spiritual networks that have spawned from cyber space. Slanted propaganda, lingo created from thin air, niche marketing, and subjective perceptions have done away with objectivity; therefore, words can now be twisted to mean whatever an organization claims that it means. In this oddly creative attempt to redefine reality for themselves and those who follow them, they foster an absolutist framework for experiencing reality while promoting the rabid denial against any counter argument presented by another person, agency, corporation, or ideal.

In order to bridge the gap between the left and right hemispheres of the brain and fully integrate all of our talents to become complete in our creator roles we need to return to the idea of logic, sensibility, and rationality. Many of us have already fully developed our imaginations and regularly spend time daydreaming or creating any number of ideas and situations within our minds; therefore, a need of balance may be in order. We need to truly UNDERSTAND the nature of language, mathematics, energy, and how it fits into our collectively shared world regardless of personal perception, religion, political affiliation, etc.

I have found that those who typically describe themselves as "spiritual," or who have been prone to paranormal events, also gravitate towards activities of creation. In contrast, I have found that those who gravitate towards mathematics or the sciences adopt a more "atheistic" view of reality and rarely have any non-tangible stories to share. -Personally, I see an inherent imbalance in both equations and a pattern that consistently runs a self-defeating algorithm. One might foster too much liberalism within their construct and believe anything that anyone presents to them as "reality." Often times, they will find themselves victims of their own imaginations and create very precarious situations for themselves while moving towards every flight of fancy. The other might embrace too much conservatism and discount any anomalous experience as hallucination, coincidence, or "nothing at all." Each polarity listed are both imbalanced and seemingly equally drawn to creating and then believing their own subjective delusions while discounting the possibilities of the other. This actually makes them more alike than different; however, this is not something one could convince either personality type into believing.

For me, creation/spirituality is divinity and divinity is mathematical. There is beauty and harmony in numbers. Music breaks down into tempos, rhythms, and sequences. The notes, frequencies, and harmonies are all composed into pieces of algorithmic perfection. Everything within our reality is composed of the golden ratio which is patterned and dependent of the Fibonacci sequence. The I-Ching also has its place and explains the perfection of carbon creation by explanation of the 64 hexagrams repeating 64 times. Vortexes, vortices, and mathematics is how we currently make sense of how energy operates around us in regards to wind patterns, storms, etc. Mathematics via aerodynamics, magnetism, and physics is also how we will one day describe how energy works in relation to the human body once it is well established that human beings can project and operate energy fields. We are the people who will one day bridge that gap for science and the "common man." -This is why we fully educate ourselves towards complete mastery...mind, body, and spirit. Therefore, when a person uses the term "grounding," it is important that they have the correct definition in mind and apply it accordingly when explaining it to others. Those who graduate from the Evolved Ministry/Self Mastery course will be well-versed, knowledgeable, and specific when interviewed and will display discipline, temperance, diligence, and intelligence.

Grounding Energy
When a person grounds energy, they are using the earth as a means to taper, or limit the energetic potential between them and the alternating current of the environment (ambient energy). This is an automatic drain on one's ability to master and access ambient potential due to the fact that one is putting a "middle man" between them and the energy source which powers the all. Attenuation is the loss of signal strength over distance. The more entities or concepts that we put in between us and the source, the more our connection is compromised and clogged by loss of signal strength.

A person who has trained extensively on grounding will say that they are "expanding their consciousness and merging into the earth itself;" however, the earth is made of some of the most densely compressed energy that exists within this physical realm. The more dense and compressed the energy, the weaker and lower the object's signal strength inevitably is. Although there are some teachers out there who teach nearly the opposite information, it is only because of their lack of knowledge on the electromagnetic field. A lack of understanding from teachers who repeat inaccurate information creates a pattern of ignorance among both teacher and student. If the ignorance is not contained and is consistently accepted by people without the proper fact checking, then the misunderstanding can grow until one day, it backfires when the information is repeated in front of someone who is highly educated and knows better.

Remember, earth is compressed and contained by a force known as gravity. The more compressed and compact that the energy is, the more information is lost during the initial act of compression. In layman's terms, this means that the compressed form or object (earth) is literally limited by frequency, oscillation, and vibration to a designated space. -For example: Anytime one must compress an audio file in order to fit a certain format...what happens to that audio file? -Ah yes, we experience the loss of quality. Understood?

Therefore, if we are aware that grounding into the earth would equate to a loss of information on our own end; why would we purposefully choose to ground ourselves into something that is actually lower in frequency, oscillation, and vibration? The only reason why grounding to earth would be useful at all is if the person in question could not handle the amount of ambient energy within the environment and needed to limit one's own access for safety reasons.

Could the addictive act of grounding possibly be one of the many reasons why many souls never "ascend" or "transcend" into higher realms? Could this be one of the very reasons why we hear of so many people who speak of being "old souls?" In terms of transcendence, to brag of being an old soul within physically dependent constructs such as "planet earth" might not be as flattering as one initially thought. Why? Because it could imply that one never graduated or ascended from this current system of "self service." -Am I judging here? No. Just presenting possibilities.

-Additionally, I have nothing against "Mother Earth," but, I am a traveler of time and space...therefore, I don't really see myself grounding into anything of which has the illusion of solidity or permanence. My soul is one of boundless freedom; therefore, I see no purpose in making myself a permanent resident anywhere.

The act of grounding ensures that there isn't a potential for additional static electricity to build-up between the current itself, the transmitter, or the receiver. Although this ensures a "safe transmission," it also eradicates a good portion of the energetic field that you would normally be able to access. -In terms of cell to cell transmission or communication within the body, this is noted as the loss of "activation potential." If a cell has no activation potential, due to loss of signal strength or the process of attenuation, then it is virtually useless to the body as an entity. A cell or a neuron's whole purpose is to be activated and then to transmit information to the next cell with the possibility of potential...this is the process of communication and evolution. As individual energetic nodes or cells of the Universe, when we ground our energy into the earth, this limiter filters out all energy not directly associated with vibration of a terrestrial 3D-based flow; thereby siphoning away any celestial-based transmissions or interactions that would otherwise be possible. This incurs a loss of communication and activation potential making that particular cell, or person, useless in terms of upper reality creation or vibration.

That being said, there are reasons one would want to use or apply the principle of grounding to certain experiences or, all is fine. Grounding is still an ability, which makes it a tool. The idea of grounding doesn't necessarily have to be limited to the method of using earth as a means for containing energy, or expanding one's consciousness into the limitations of the earth. In fact, once one has expanded themselves into higher vibrational possibilities, they can use the principle of grounding to maintain this more profound state of consciousness for the duration of their choice. This typically takes time, practice, and honing to be 100% proficient. If one is already experienced in grounding, then one can use this skill as a means to attain upper vibrational states and anchor themselves within that creative pattern or flow for extended durations; however, I do not recommend doing grounding as a regular practice unless it is for the previously mentioned reason. Before one learns the process of the limiting of energy (grounding), one must first learn how to develop a true relationship with the environment so they can access energy at will...otherwise, one will always find their results to be "less than desired."

Indeed, I have seen skills suffer and decline as a result of those who regularly practiced grounding in a ritualized manner as their primary skill. In fact, I have truly taught self proclaimed "masters" who were not able to access ambient energy within their own environment because they had already programmed their systems to take all available energy and send it straight into the earth before they were ever able to use it. This was/is a bigger problem than most people are aware of and demonstrates why many of these "masters" cannot physically project their energy in a way where it is clearly observable to someone of an outside perspective.

Everything has its place and reason for existing as a tool; in fact, grounding will certainly be taught here at Evolved Ministry, but, it will be taught on a very specific level where the students understand its fullest potentials and weaknesses. With that in mind, never be too dependent upon any 1 technique because there are limits to all singular entities or aspects. We can learn much about ourselves by observing how neurons and cells operate. In the end, we are much stronger and smarter as a unit when communication is fluid and all do their parts to ensure proper completion of a project. Learn integration and how to do multiple techniques at once, yet, be aware of all which is not beneficial to your own personal development.

P.S. Just so everyone is aware I will repeat this statement; I do not claim absolutes nor do I claim to be the authority on the functions of this reality. Everyone is prone to error, therefore, I give what I can in hopes that its received. One is welcome to completely dismiss anything that was written here and to continue to adopt any viewpoint of one's own choice. It is quite possible that everything that I have stated is absolutely 100% incorrect due to the fact that most of its premise is opinion-based. Keep in mind, in my observations listed above, I only mentioned the extreme angles of each side, but I did not mention all whom fall somewhere within the middle. This blog is to help people see a different perspective in their overall approach to understanding how "grounding" operates. For those who already understood this principle, thank you for reading anyway.