Evolved Ministry is a concept that arose from the depths of Michael Grubb's consciousness nearly a decade ago as he first entertained the idea of teaching "Self Mastery" and the arts of the metaphysical to the general public. Before embarking upon his current journey, the name Evolved Ministry would be used on and off for multiple years as he would bounce from forum to forum, or chatroom to chatroom talking about current events in an attempt to spread Universal knowledge.

Evolved Ministry's mission statement is quite simple. To bring people the absolute best EDUCATION within the world of energy that is humanly possible. After decades of training, studying, and much trial and error, Evolved Ministry has developed an undeniable quotient for success when it pertains to unlocking the keys within the mind, body, and soul.

Self-Mastery is not a religion, nor a replacement for any known earthly institution. Self Mastery does not require your worship, your surrender, nor does it place anything in front of you of which to bow. Self Mastery is about the recognition of ALL LIVING AND NON-LIVING BEINGS as beautiful, sentient, and equal in every respect within the space of this Universe in which we all share. Self Mastery follows no known system nor is it dependent upon any institution for its definition.

Self Mastery is the return of logic, temperance, balance, and patience in a time of blatant willful ignorance. It is the reconnecting of the soul into Unconditional LOVE, nature, harmony, and peace when all institutional systems are geared towards war, control, hatred, and discord. Self-Mastery is the mastery of the mind and soul towards Celestine-like standards during a time defined by third dimensional carnal addictions, rampant self service, and emotional domination through actions of violence and degradation. Self-Mastery is the rediscovery of the alchemical properties of the gold enriched soul, and the God given right of creation which is extended to every man, woman, and child through the eternal gift of "free-will." All of these qualities are the very things that the reptilian mind, blinded by the trappings of the physical, has fought to suppress since the time of their inception upon the 3rd dimensional plane. These are the qualities that negative individuals entertaining their own delusions of grandeur wish to merge with, absorb, and control for the purposes of maintaining their dwindling grip amongst those they consider to be "weaker" than themselves. As per Universal law though, the more they attempt to dominate here, the more they are inevitably dominated and surrendered to their own vice of control. The more perceived power one has in this world of illusion, the less real power they have within Universal functions; thereby enslaving themselves to their own institutionalized weaknesses. Indeed, it becomes a long and grueling cycle of abuse which consistently recycles the soul by its own design.

Self Mastery is the return of our spiritual inheritance through the process of Unconditional LOVE. It is the reclaiming of our guaranteed birthright that has been hidden away by those who have wished to dominate the world through war and capitalistic tendencies. It is the rediscovery of our inherently divine nature...not as "sinners" or "the un-chosen" as many who are twisted by faulty interpretations of religious texts would have us all believe; but, of those which the creator birthed from LOVE and harmony as a mother would cradle her own child from the moment its creation began. As stated in the bible itself, in Psalms 82:6, "I have said, you are Gods. You are all children of the most high."

-I can see no other interpretation for this passage than from what the words themselves specifically state in bold print. Yet, it is often a passage in the bible which remains largely unaddressed and overlooked.

My personal interpretation of this passage is a bit more simple I think. -If Jesus himself claims that the entirety of mankind is God in the flesh and are children or creations of the most high, then this would indicate a certain perfection of equality amongst all people regardless of race or creed. However, if one of us who is worshiped as a god (Jesus) claims that each and every one of us are all gods...then one effectively nullifies the other. If all of us are gods within the eyes of the creator then NONE OF US ARE...returning us back to the human equation of which we all fit in this present moment of time.

As I have stated a million times to those who have implied superiority over others for one reason or another, "it does you no good to be a God if you are in the same human suit as those whom you would see bow to you." Additionally, no real God who was truly conscious of the magnificence of its existence would ever make such claims as it would be beneath it to even care. Ask yourself how many times you have demanded the worship of an anthill, or an ant-farm...even if you had facilitated its existence. The mere notion of such a thing is outright laughable and ridiculous when one identifies this with this sort of tangible logic; however, this thought process remains elusive enough to where the majority still move towards institutionalized religion out of fears associated with punishment (hell) rather than rewards.

"God" is not an intelligence that recognizes fear as a means of communication, and God is not an entity which would send portions of itself to hell for non-belief in itself.

If Jesus's statement about the entirety of mankind being sons and daughters of the most high is accurate, then it is safe to say that God would literally only be punishing itself if it chose hell as a place of dwelling for its children. That being said though, the most high grants itself and the entirety of us all the worlds of our own choosing and creation. Therefore, it is quite possible that one could find themselves in such a place (hell) entirely by the act of their own choices, actions, and systemic preferences. Hell was never a place invented by "The One," it was a place that was forged by and reinforced by the imagination of mankind...fostered through government, religion, art, media, and entertainment. They tell you what to fear and foster all imagery associated. These are the things which stick within the mind, the psyche, the imagination. These are the things they use to create your reality. Preset after preset, you are created in the image of someone else's choosing. Soon though, none of these things will make sense within the minds of those who choose a better way. Soon, these archaic ways of thought and interaction will be no more.

Self Mastery is the mode that seeks to deprogram all things associated with fear and negativity. It is the balance and the reminder that harmony can be achieved even during an onslaught of fear-based tactics and vibrations. It is the truth which is being erected once more as it is challenged by those who would choose to control society through poorly created thought forms, upside-down religious rhetoric, governmental oppression, or other declining elements of fear. Make no mistake, these weaknesses exist from the top down. There are several who walk among us that would love to take advantage, to manipulate, and dominate the will and energy of others. They need not wear a suit and a tie to demonstrate the same sociopathic tendencies of the elite, and they need not have an army to infect the will of those who know nothing of themselves. The less we have mastered our own minds and spirits, the easier we are to influence through fear-based tactics by minds that are weaker than our own. Always remember, a parasite is quite frail and insignificantly sized compared to that of its chosen victim. By attaching itself to something mentally and physically stronger, through the process of time, it eventually absorbs the strength and life-force of its victim. On the flip-side though, once the victim becomes conscious of this vampiric interaction between the parasite and its host, the victim can take steps to have this parasite removed entirely. It is all a matter of will.

We at Evolved Ministry seek to remind you of your own divine nature through the process of Unconditional LOVE. We reconnect you with your creator-hood and help you to build and strengthen your will. We also help you determine your own role within the Universal construct, free of the interference and obstruction of the restrictions of the status-quo.

Finally, here at Evolved Ministry we refuse to define your reality for you as we believe that to do so is to interfere and undermine the general process of creation inherent in every person. We provide every tool and technique available so that one is able to bring their evolutionary path to the next acceptable level, according to that person's own speed and level of understanding. In the end, we at Evolved Ministry hope to see this University blossom, and grow to its fullest potential and eventually bring about a physical location where people can study freely amongst others of like mind and direction. This vision will certainly come to fruition and outlive every current member of E.M. Evolved Ministry will go on long after our temporary visitation of this planet and will continue to help evolve and improve those who are willing to take their evolution to the next stage of development. Most importantly, Evolved Ministry is here to spread LOVE.

Eternal LOVE to ALL...