This particular blog is my response to the E.M. community response to a member leaving. The member was upset that we had not dedicated the site to the "abilities" aspect of training and clearly didn't see the portion of our mission statement where we said that we were training people to "Develop A Connection," as opposed to power. It is ironic because I had recently made a meme which stated that "If a person had came to the site hoping to develop power, that they had made a serious error in judgment." -I did not make that meme because of this person, but, the timing was certainly amazing.-

Interestingly enough, when this thread involving the member leaving happened, many involved in the E.M. community rose up to speak their opinions on the matter. I found it refreshing and completely mind opening. Below is my response to seeing how many people truly understood the direction of Evolved Ministry:

My response: And with this thread, I have found that the MAJORITY of people are truly getting why Evolved Ministry was made. Sometimes we have to lose one or two to gain the proper perception of why something like this would exist in the first place. When something like this happens, I see a strengthening occur. In fact, more people are signing up daily who seem to understand this principle as well and it is my prediction that we will see a greater influx of "those who get it," coming soon.

Evolved Ministry is meant to bring people together and to develop a COMMUNITY of intelligent, thoughtful, people who realize that we can have a much better way of life. Yes, there is a curriculum that has been made so that people can learn...but, this curriculum is meant to teach you about yourself, the world in which you live, and to take the fruits of our collective development and re-engineer how reality operates within the 3 dimensions. There is a thorough curriculum currently being designed in relation to understanding how your "abilities" operate and will be presented shortly. However, I am teaching these abilities to people so that they can help create places of beauty. New places based upon LOVE and peace. This is why one must go through the proper training first before learning all of the "reality bending" techniques that I have personally learned over a period of decades. I apologize now for saying this, but, "No one is simply going to walk into my school and learn the secrets to the functions of space and time in their first two months of taking my course." That is not how this operates, and, anyone who feels that they must rush, or "fast-track" their soul's evolution is only going to inevitably stunt their own processes. Self Mastery takes discipline, motivation, patience, and temperance.

I am not saying that this is right, but, in other cultures, one must pledge themselves to the shaman and purify themselves over quite an extended period before the Shaman even takes them seriously; and if one were overt enough to make demands upon that shaman any number of things could occur depending on the overall volatility of that culture. -I don't want anyone's pledge or service and I am certainly not going to react with volatility; but, I do want people to respect the process in which the school is presenting and disseminating this knowledge. Universal knowledge is not just "play-stuff" and each person needs to have a certain amount of respect, maturity, and a developed sense of conscience in order to get into the more advanced realms of "creation." No respectable teacher would do it any other way unless they don't mind taking upon themselves the bad Karma of all students who use that knowledge for selfish reasons.

Due to this site only being active for over 2 months, one must understand that the school itself is young in terms of this 3 dimensional operation and the curriculum was being developed as the site was being created. Understand that this site is a result of a circumstance which occurred nearly 2-3 months ago during a very odd period. Although Evolved Ministry has been a concept that has been in development for awhile, it was only launched as a real teaching entity due to the fallout of a different teaching institution. These are facts and all of this must be considered.

Our current world has been at such a state where competition runs through our veins and greed has become our main tenet of survival. This is the very thing that must change. If we are constantly looking to simply empower ourselves with energy so that we can simply dominate things with greater ease, then we only contribute to the further devolution of our environment. This is why I don't just simply teach "abilities" or instant access. One has to thoroughly understand that there are intelligences that are laden through worlds like this, and there is much within our periphery that can easily deceive. Anything offering you instant access without you first having earned it is to be adequately questioned, and anyone willing to accept power regardless of its origin should also be properly observed. I have seen intelligences twist those who once had good intentions. I have seen many self-proclaimed "masters" fall under the weaknesses, poor engineering, and falsehoods of their own teachings. I have watched the rise of the God complex in many people who once thought themselves impervious of it. Those who began Evolved Ministry realized that in order to teach energy properly, these were and are the very things that need to change in order for our evolution to be complete. We do not haphazardly just teach about abilities for a reason, and I hope that this reason is more than obvious.

By the way...Evolved Ministry is much bigger than any of the perceived "earthly creators," of it. Although I (Michael Grubb) was the "person" of which Evolved Ministry manifested in this particular reality, I can certainly tell you that the idea did NOT start with me. It has, and always will exist as a thought-form of POSITIVE balance which must be created within worlds of growing chaos.

With all of the creations of death and the machinations of war that exist in lower vibratory fields of this creation as well as others, the propensity for just the opposite exists, but it is a choice. We need to decide what we want to create and execute it; or, we will continue to live in the rule-set of someone else's game. I, for one, could care-less about the perception of "power." I exercise my abilities only to teach them, and I keep them sharp so that I am always in the rule-set of my own game. Otherwise, I leave things as they are and use energy when it is beneficial for all involved. As far as "world domination" goes...Trix are for kids.

In relation to "Self Mastery,"...the "abilities" portion of our learning is truly "the beginner's stuff." It goes so much deeper and so much further than playing with "the elements." It cuts through dimensions, world-lines, and string-theory. It goes so much deeper than time and space itself. If done goes into the very core of existence...and that is where one TRULY begins to understand "the learning process." There are many people who are in a complete rush to experience the idea of being able to project or "inflict" their will through the perception of being able to control the elements, or matter. Maybe, because we have been led to feel like victims for so long, the idea of being able to mentally control one's surroundings seems quite empowering...however, reality at it's very core is not composed of what we have been told. In fact, it is NOTHING like the ordinary existence that we have been duped into believing. Therefore, one should be in a constant state of asking themselves, "If this place is so malleable and can be altered so quickly, what is it that I am truly inside of? If I can actually mentally change the projections of the wind,the water, the rain, and the way others perceive reality, then what kind of reality is it that we are actually inhabiting? There is something much greater happening here.

There is an inherent design to the teachings that I am bringing everyone. These teachings are NOT my own and were not conceived by me. In fact, even the order of which things are presented is completely planned. Where some people may see an odd pattern of jumping within the course planning, there is actually a design to the placement of each lesson. Once we get into the "abilities" portion, there will be much work and many little tests. I hope everyone has digested the previous knowledge to its fullest because it will resurface. By the way, be sure that you have some form of video camera so that you are able to post your answers to these "tests."

One other thing...right now I am in the process of adding another huge portion to the curriculum. This portion is meant for an introduction into how things operate and is provided by Cary Ellis of the book 21st Century Superhuman. Many people who have already moved beyond this portion of the curriculum are not required to take it, but, it will be mandatory for all brand new people after a certain date. This date has not yet been posted.

Thank you for all who chimed in for this discussion. It lets me know that there ARE PEOPLE here who truly "GET IT."

Soon, there will be plenty of new curriculum up and ready. Some of this will be provided by multiple teachers including Kyle Lovell, Joel Jacobson, Guido Cesano, Astro Solsin, Cary Ellis, and yours truly.

Love you all...

Michael Grubb

If you came to Evolved Ministry to cultivate power, then you made a serious mistake in judgment.If you came to Evolved Ministry to cultivate power, then you made a serious error of judgment.