First of all, greetings to everyone. I am very happy to state that I am now own my own company called Evolved Ministry and intend to give my 100% best to all who demonstrate dedication and excellence in their aspirations for personal and spiritual evolution. This takes work, and NO ONE is made a master overnight. I am going to address a few bullet points and protocols for how things will operate with face-to-face training as well as online teaching.

At the suggestion of many who would like to have an idea of what Self Mastery entails, I have chosen to go ahead and write up a list of fair, but needed parameters for students who will be learning the curriculum through Evolved Ministry.

I teach what is known as "Self Mastery," which is the cultivation of the metaphysical connection between the ideas and realms of the physical and the spiritual. Let me make that clear. What I am teaching here is a thorough and comprehensive course which takes you through many levels of training for the purposes of turning one into a true "Master" of one's own life, body, and mind through the energetic art of "Self Mastery." This course will not be easy and it involves many trials, tests, and real physical applications of which are passed by practice and experience. -One does not pass the course by video lessons alone, and, there will be a series of tests that one must pass in order to be promoted to the next rung of knowledge.-

The Entitlement Complex

Many people come attached with what is known as the "entitlement complex," especially when it comes to training. I have encountered several people in life who believe that they should simply have the knowledge and the abilities to harmonize and seemingly "control" nature and the lives of others without having to put forth the time, practice, and effort that it takes to master oneself. Anything in which I ever became "good" at, whether it be sports, art-work, music, energy, or martial arts, I had to practice consistently and with a very dedicated work-ethic. One's own will and work-ethic will be the primary factors of how proficient one becomes in the mastering of the movement of their own energy field.

First and foremost, I do not teach anyone to control ANYTHING other than their own personal energy signature...point blank. Once one has mastered their own energy signature internally, it reflects well within one's external environment in the form of what we would label as "abilities." In effect, the results of one's own personal dedication to mastering themselves allows them a connection which taps into their universal surroundings; giving them access to the operations of the elements. That being said, it does not mean that one is controlling the just means that the elements have chosen to reflect that person's energy signature in a way that can easily be seen and even measured. The elements can just as easily ignore one's "commands or requests," and completely shut a practitioner down. Sometimes, this is precisely what is necessary especially when people become too power hungry, ego-driven, or too impatient to settle down and learn things in their proper order. The other thing to remember when training is this...the focus of the training is upon the student, not the instructor. The instructor is there to show the student what the student is capable of and the techniques of how to reach greater plateaus. The only way to do this is by having "the student" train diligently so that they are working towards achieving a perfect, personal connection.

Respect for the Instructors, myself, and the Self Mastery Process:

As a teacher, I undoubtedly do my best to give the utmost respect and care to every student. I realize that the student has come to the other instructors or I for specific reasons. As a teacher, I must get to KNOW each and every student so that I can adjust their learning accordingly; therefore, it usually takes a bit of time for their training to be sculpted and fit perfectly based upon their own previous experiences and knowledge. But many people simply want to skip the important processes so that they can be trained on "abilities," rather than the connection. -Again, we do not teach ABILITIES as our main feature. We teach SELF-MASTERY; and Self Mastery is an ongoing process that allows the instructors to identify all weaknesses within an individual, diagnose it, and then prescribe the necessary actions which will give that person greater access into the Universal mainframe. If done properly, the whole experience is smooth and one's knowledge and connection begins to increase dramatically. If one is doing things for the wrong reasons, then dicey situations begin to arise and the ego becomes the dominant personality controlling the actions of the practitioner.

As a result for teaching multiple years, I have witnessed many demands on my person by people whom I have just met, or had never previously trained before. Some of these people were downright dangerous and harbored God/Messiah complexes which would have only been fed by my increasing the amount of Universal knowledge that they could access. This is why my training moves at a certain speed and is methodical by nature. Since I do not teach those who plan to use their abilities for negative purposes, I put the students through an astringent training processes which allows me as well as themselves to identify any weaknesses which must be eliminated before the next lesson of knowledge begins.

Unfortunately though, patience isn't always an attribute demonstrated by everyone, and many people tend to try to rush everything without being knowledgeable or aware of every particular detail. Rushing is never the best idea for anything, but it can be useful if you have several projects or you're simply trying to get through school so that you can hold a diploma in your hand, or get an immediate job. BUT...when it comes to the knowledge and evolution of one's own SOUL, I think it is important to really absorb any and ALL knowledge that is being presented for one's personal benefit. Skipping through pertinent spiritual knowledge just to increase one's overall speed in learning only cheats ONESELF. In fact, with Self Mastery one is certain to get oneself in a fix by skipping information at any given time. Everything one learns now always tends to resurface later, and when it is even more crucial to understand it because it usually is re-presented at a much higher level with heavier obstacles involved. I've seen it happen time and again.

Now, from my many experiences with this sort of mentality, these sorts of people think that because they are there or because they have simply met me that they should automatically qualify for greater knowledge within my repertoire. This is not how things operate. One learns according to what their system is READY to receive. It is impossible to dump a terabyte of information into a chip that can only hold other words, if you have no understanding of the basics, there is no way my teaching you advanced levels of knowledge will ever stick. You simply won't have the tools to make them operate. So, you have to increase your capacity for that knowledge accordingly, and this takes plenty of development and practice to expand your consciousness to accept this information. Additionally, these sorts of people typically stress to me that they would like access to more "power," or have advancements and upgrades that they have neither worked for or earned. They truly believe that teachers like myself or others are there to simply serve and cater to them hand and foot as some sort of performing circus act who is obligated to be at their complete disposal regardless of their intentions, their respect for the learning process and protocols, their experience levels, or their own personal dedication to themselves and the greater whole. Westerners can be very ungrateful be quite demanding; however, if they took this same entitled approach and made demands of shamans in countries where traditional shamans have been practicing for ages, I can guarantee that this standard Western approach would be met with some pretty heavy hostilities by the natives, and there is no telling how that situation would degrade from there...especially where ancient tribes have all sorts of interesting practices.

We do not serve demands or entitlement complexes at Evolved Ministry. Additionally, we do not teach those who consistently demonstrate that they are attracted to power, or those who believe themselves to be messiahs or gods. We will refund that money as quickly as it came to us. At Evolved Ministry, we would much rather skip the cash and not teach someone who could end up being a danger to themselves and others, than to take the cash and then find out that our teachings ended up going into the wrong hands. There are other schools out there that will cater and enable that sort of behavior, but, we certainly will not.

Evolved Ministry teaches that we are ALL equal and on par with one another. We teach one how to embrace Unconditional LOVE, how to move into unity consciousness, and how to master one's own energy signature. In addition to those wonderful aspects, we also provide much more.

This portion of Self Mastery takes one through several different steps which will involve, but won't be limited to these items:

1. Meditation

2. Harmonics (Music)

3. Mathematics (Real Math)

4. Sacred Geometry (drawing/CAD/CGI)

5. Physics (Real Physics which TRULY teaches accurate information about the Electromagnetic Spectrum)

6. Psychology (Learning about the Ego/The Machine/cleansing of egoic tendencies)

7. Elements of History

8. Hands on Engineering

9. Dream Control

10. Meditative Control

11. Energetic Control over one's own body system

12. Anatomy (Real Anatomy)

13. Out of body experiences

14. Astral Travel

15. Telekinesis

16. Hydrokinesis

17. Pyrokinesis

18. Aerokinesis

19. Atomokinesis

20. Remote Viewing

There are other aspects of this course which will be featured, however, for an introduction, I felt that this particular list is sufficient.

As an instructor, I have certain parameters of which I, and all students will abide by if they expect to learn the knowledge that I am offering.

1. As the teacher, I have an inherent right to choose with whom I pass this knowledge and how much knowledge that they will receive at any given time. This is not up for debate, nor is it to be negotiated with. If someone approaches me whom I do not believe the knowledge will benefit at their current personal level of understanding, then, this is my right as a teacher to refuse service especially when each teacher is ultimately held responsible for the consequences of the actions of their students. Therefore, one should never haphazardly train someone who might be a danger to themselves or others.

-The knowledge that I teach is Universal by nature and was passed to me after having earned every portion of it through trials and tests that will remain unmentioned. I went through many of those hoops so that others would not have to...and many of those hoops were COSTLY. Nothing will be attained here without first having been thoroughly earned. It is important to understand that the knowledge that I am providing is made up of the very fabric of creation and should not be passed on to those of an irresponsible nature who would seek to only develop self motivated "abilities."

2. As the teacher, I choose how quickly to move students forward according to merit. In other words, one must EARN every bit of knowledge they receive. Time for me is irrelevant and no one will pass simply by the amount of time they believe that they have invested. All students are different and everyone learns at their own pace. Learning Self Mastery is not a race, nor do you have anyone to compete against.

3. There will be no DISPLAYS OF POWER...period. Once someone crosses the line and prompts me into displays of power, they will be asked to leave. I do not attempt to help develop people who are in search of "power," as we already have enough of those types on this particular planet. I help to develop people who are in search of a CONNECTION. One will learn according to the level of which they have achieved. Once a person has paid their dues and have moved through the channels properly, they will get to see and experience more intense levels as they learn. It is inevitable. In other words, do not ask me to act as a performing bear. I am not here for entertainment. Since I have done countless demonstrations, both in front of crowds and on youtube, I am thoroughly spent with "proving my connection" at someone else's whim. Many of my students here in Bloomington can verify that once you have spent your time, you will experience things that you have never thought possible, and they will grow exponentially by the day. This occurs by building the relationship, not only with the Universe, but with the other students and I. If one is patient and I am comfortable with the situation, it is quite likely that you will get to see me do mild forms of practice here and there where I do amplifications to test environments. In rare cases, I will also participate and practice with the students while they are doing certain types of exercises.

4. Face to face training. Payment in full is negotiated before-hand and then a deposit will be agreed upon and sent to the Evolved Ministry paypal account in the event of a "no call, no show." Last minute cancellations and switching things around is quite time consuming and also creates havoc with the scheduling, especially if other people are also training on that particular day. So unfortunately, these conditions are no longer negotiable due to a few previous situations of which a few people took advantage. This way, my time and the time of the other instructors is valued appropriately as we try to balance working online with the increase and rising demand of "hands-on" training. This is the part that I hate the most, and everyone who truly knows me understands this quite well. For a period of nearly 10 years with 5 of those years on youtube, I handed out knowledge willingly and for free. This act of openly giving away my knowledge created abusive situations where people were careless of the time, money, and the effort that I spent constantly making myself available to them. In effect, I literally worked my behind off at my former full time job so that I could have the resources to teach people who did not understand the sacrifices that were being made to offer this knowledge to them. So now, owning my own business has taught me the value of having to protect myself monetarily while teaching many people who claim to be of "love and light." The one thing that I do notice about payment is this...those who actually pay for the teachings are typically far more appreciative and serious about learning the knowledge that is being offered than those who are handed everything for absolutely nothing. My last group training scenario was a perfect example of that. If these policies are something that one cannot understand, then I honestly cannot be available to teach you. There are other things that I could be doing.

5. All students and teachers of Self Mastery ARE LOVED,APPRECIATED, and will be treated with the UTMOST RESPECT. When training with one another, there will be no insults, aggression, competition, or any types of sexual advances or harassment. Self Mastery is a place to train and to hone the inner workings of one's mind for the purposes of evolving our souls. At no point should any student feel uncomfortable because of the actions of another. If any single student feels threatened by the behavior of another, the person in question will be dealt with accordingly. This is also non-negotiable.

For all students who will soon to be taking this course...I am honestly PROUD to aid in your development. This is a dream come true on multiple levels for me and I am here to see you shine through at your finest.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Eternal LOVE...

Michael Grubb.