Truth Versus Subjective Interpretation

This is a concept that I have attempted to write about on numerous occasions, but, I did not have the words, content, or the ability to adequately represent my argument in a way which would properly illustrate, or articulate the message.

There is a perception held by many that states that "the truth is entirely subjective; therefore, it exists only as a metaphor or a concept of "personal interpretation." Many people subscribe to this idea, and certainly there is enough evidence out there that would support this thought process.


To a certain degree if thinking on a practical level, this perception has merit and value when it comes to the postulation of theory, philosophy, or anything associated with societal constructivism. When we entertain morality, religion, and thought-based constructs which are all derived through differing educational systems, cultural backgrounds, and perceptual lenses, then we must acquiesce to the existence of "subjective interpretation" and that it will always be a factor that tends to decide how justice will operate from one geographic location to the next. So, I do admit that there may be concepts and ideas that one can subjectively interpret according to their own sense of morality or schematics, thereby creating different interpretations of truth. That being said, an action that creates cause and effect, or something that can be clearly measured is something entirely different.

In this world, people have become accustomed to judging the entirety of an event or situation by their own limited interpretation, or media slant of said event. We live in a world where the majority of Westerners will outright refuse to view information or evidence that may differ from their own personal opinions or perspectives which is why our society is literally marketed to by advertisers in a "Niche" fashion. Look up what is known as "niche marketing." You may be surprised what you learn.

This sort of focused mentality is cultivated and absolutely encouraged through the technology that we buy, the media that we consume, and the entertainment that we watch. Almost all recent technology is geared towards the consumer being able to personalize their preferences (I-phone) while being able to eliminate outside influences or information that the consumer may find useless. It doesn't stop there, facebook, and every new form on online social media platform filters out preferences as well. It is the brave new world of focused marketing in the specific field of "niche" advertising.

Now, let's look at politics. Due to our current political climate of division (2 party system), people generally tend to choose media outlets that are geared towards their political affiliations, rather than receiving "fair and balanced," journalism that reports corruption from both sides of the isle. We have movies that glorify it, and during election time, families will literally separate against each other due arguments that surface when speaking of political associations or beliefs. The truest of all ironies that exist is the fact that human beings always believe their party to be the most upstanding and honest of organizations while subsequently vilifying the other association as "evil." Someone has got to be wrong...right??? From my own personal experience I have found that if you try to logically remind these sort of people that there technically is only one actual operating "government," by showing them two sides to the same coin, it seems to cause a short-circuit in their thought processes. Yes It is true that heads(democrat) and tails(republican) do exist...but, there still is only one coin (the government), and each of these sides seem to deliberately work for their own collective benefit as opposed to that of "the people." Would you like to know what all the democrats and republicans in office all have in common? -Money.- That's right. They are all wealthy. Do you know what the democrats and republicans of the citizenry have in common? They're all being shafted by the only side of the coin the matters...THE COIN ITSELF.

As it were, all actions and all events are subject to interpretation...however, when it comes to an actionable event that is witnessed by multiple people, there still can only be ONE TRUTHFUL REALITY of that event despite how people try to interject their opinions.

How does this all relate to "Truth versus Subjective Interpretation?" Well, I will explain it. Below is a story about a man who was hired to serve a police officer a "summons." After receiving the summons, the officer then shows up at this man's house and arrests the man under claims that the arresting officer had been assaulted by the defendant during the transaction. Doesn't make much sense, especially since this man was not arrested on the spot in front of the other supporting officers in the video when the "assault" supposedly took place. In reality, as seen in the video, the defendant walked right up to the officer and handed him his paper and they parted ways without incident. The video evidence of the event tells the cut and dry tale of a man exchanging a piece of paper with another man without violence or further interaction.

Now, had this piece of video never existed demonstrating "the objective truth," as told by the camera, the situation would have fallen into the favor of the creative antagonists who used subjective viewpoints of multiple, "trusted" public servants to twist the accounts of what actually transpired. The camera didn't add any details, anecdotes, or exaggerations, it merely told the precise tale that it personally witnessed from it's objective viewpoint. Thank goodness there are still honest pieces of "technology" in this world, because we certainly didn't see any from the multiple members of our esteemed JUSTICE SYSTEM who persecuted an innocent human being for their amusement.

Think about this carefully. The people working in the system organized their efforts against the defendant in order to change the viewpoints of the public so that they could prosecute an innocent man. You see, it wasn't the subjectivity of the people whom were organizing their efforts that was important, it was the subjective viewpoints of the jury that matters. If they feed you the only information that they allow to exist and then have multiple trusted public servants witnessing to the event, then they can twist the perceptions of that event to any end they choose...selling you something that is entirely fabricated.

By using these "gray areas of trust" and by procuring multiple "eye-witness" accounts, these people would have twisted the perceptions of the court, the jury, and ultimately...the people. Meanwhile, "the truth" of the event would have been entirely lost through lies and the re-engineering of our subjective thoughts. Those who lie and manipulate the minds of others rely on people's ignorance of details and how easily they can alter the perceptions of those who subjectively interpret reality through limited lensing. YOUR SUBJECTIVITY IS A COMMODITY AND IT IS USED AGAINST YOU AT ALL TIMES. This is not fear-mongering, it is the very nature of what is known as institutionalism. Most of what you know and understand of this world has been cultivated and defined for you through these very institutional lenses. Not vice versa.


If an action or event takes place, then there is one solid truth of that event despite anyone's purpose for dissecting the event itself. For instance. If I walk outside, I first have to open my door and then step from inside to outside. Once I am outside, I shut my door. The only thing that is "subjective" about that entire experience would be the reason or logic for the actions that led me to go outside. So, just to be 100% accurate here, the story goes like this: Standing at my door, I decide to open it, step outside, and close the door.

Outside Perspective:

Now, let's look at it from the perspective of my neighbor across the parking lot. So, at this point, my neighbor has looked out her window to see that I have opened my door and have stepped outside. She then watches me close my door.

At this point she could be thinking. "Gee, I wonder why Mike it going outside?" From her perspective, it is cold outside and there is snow everywhere and she notices that I don't have a jacket on. So, this is where "subjectivity" comes into play. Here are a list of things that she might ponder on a subjective level concerning why I came outside without my jacket.

1. Michael just stepped outside without his coat on. He might be looking for someone.

2. Maybe Michael was hot while being inside his home and just stepped out for some air.

3. Maybe Michael received a call from someone driving who was trying to find his house and he stepped outside to wave those people in so they wouldn't have to look for the address.

4. Maybe Michael saw someone trying to break into his car.

5. Maybe Michael shut his door to save electricity.

Due to all of these additional thoughts and postulations that are running through her mind, my neighbor may now have developed an entire story in her head to explain why I came outside in the cold and shut my door. She might have convinced herself that a friend of mine just called me on the phone because they were in distress and needed my help. Out of panic and confusion, I threw on just enough clothes to be presentable, but, had forgotten my jacket inside during the rush and closed the door to avoid the massive heat loss from my apartment.

It certainly sounds logical...doesn't it? But, that isn't what occurred. She took elements of truth and mixed it with elements of fiction in order to create a story that fit her idea of "the truth." And often, this is precisely what occurs in "real life," when people witness an event that they don't have access to all the details. As a youngster, I was definitely guilty of this. Even worse, I would often create extraneous details of which had absolutely no merit whatsoever.

As I just demonstrated in the 5 bullet points that I added, all of the above-mentioned thoughts or anecdotes are nothing more than additional subjective background noise that either adds (if true), or detracts (if fabricated) details from the truth of the original action. According to original story I provided above, the only thing that actually transpired was my physical movement from indoors to outdoors while I closed the door...all other details were filled in by my neighbor's own imagination, or technically, created by me to forge an example. This is where human beings generally tend to sabotage their own perception of events when those events unfold before them. As opposed to regurgitating an event precisely as they experienced it, they tend to inject and even project their own personal slants and interpretations into the event itself until it often distorts the perceptions of those who are relying on their input or eyewitness account. By doing so, they compromise the purity of the truth and further obfuscate any clarity that can be ascertained from the event. A person's willingness to poison the purity of the pot for the sake of attention and participation can be the difference between life or death for others who might be dependent upon the integrity and TRUTH of this evidence. In order to truly be objective, one's role must be that of an observer, not a participant. The moment that participation arises, one has crossed any boundaries that would formerly qualify them to be an unbiased witness, to that as someone who has a vested interest in the outcome of said situation. These are the ways that we can truly tell whether we have given an accurate, unbiased account of an event or action.

As a Self-Mastery practitioner, I find that honesty, trustworthiness, and honor to be of the highest qualities to aspire. Although we do live in a world of subjective interpretation and personal creation, we also share this world with billions of our own reflections at different stages, vibrations, and knowledge levels. The more our souls evolve to understand and recognize the resonance of "truth" the more we can serve as an example of that same "truth" to others. Truth via LOVE is a trait that is absolutely unmistakable and utterly recognizable...even by those who do not exercise it.


Love Michael...