Due to the frequency of this question, I decided to make a general quick list of "tips" that people can do to practice Self Mastery and increase their connection from a beginner's standpoint.

1. Ask yourself why you are embarking upon this journey. Typically I find that it comes down to one of three things.
a. Wanting to develop a connection for the betterment of the whole
b. Wanting to be able to develop power and control things
c. Satisfy curiosity about the unknown

Opinions and Advice:
a. If you chose reason A from above, then your journey will have tests and trials, but, the results will be magnificent. Developing a connection entails cultivating trust, love, and harmony with one's surroundings. Stay on the path no matter how difficult it may be.
b. If you chose B from above, then my suggestion is to exit the energy game until your motives are different. This path will cause repeated pain for yourself and everyone around you.
c. If you chose C from above, be observant, wise, and discerning. It takes awhile to get certain doorways open, and there are many people who will claim to be able to "show you the way," but, are literally lost within the labyrinth themselves with no clue as to their own direction. Be careful of what you ask for and don't be willing to believe everything you hear.

2. Be ready to receive criticism. If you don't have a thick skin, then people will be able to rattle and thwart your efforts quite easily. This is why it is important for you to know the reasons why you have chosen to embark upon the path of "Self Mastery." You will be teased, chided, accused, and worse. People will hate you merely for being yourself enough to try something that they never have. Many friends will turn their backs on you and it is possible that people in your family might do the same. So, this is something that is a commitment. It can either make you, or break you depending upon your own personal resolve. It won't necessarily be easy.

3. Go out to nature frequently. A Self Mastery practitioner's access to energy is dependent upon the relationship they have cultivated with the Universe and nature. Go out by yourself and literally speak out loud and in a conscious manner to the trees and your surroundings.

4. Treat every living and nonliving object/being with the utmost respect. The space in which you live is shared by many intelligences spread out across several frequencies...much of which the human senses have no access. A harmonious mind will attract harmonious interactions.

5. Practice tons of breathing techniques and stretches. The better your heart circulates blood throughout your body, the more energy your body can process and subsequently access.

6. Charge your heart and mind with Unconditional Love before every practice session. Think of someone whom you love with all of your soul. It could be a pet, a sibling, or a parent and then imagine that same love filling up the globe (Your world).

7. Forge a regular work out routine to promote optimum physical performance. Your body is your temple and it is where the energy circulates. If you destroy it, then you destroy your ability to generate your own fields.

8. Work with a high energy diet. Try to get lots of organic vegetables, fruits, etc. The better your nutrition, the more optimized your access to energy becomes.

9. Work on toning through the process of humming. Work where your voice is most comfortable and don't try to do anything that strains your vocal cords. You can look up Buddhist humming or chants on youtube and these will give you a clue as to how to tone. I personally do not recommend using actual mantras or religious chanting due to the pre-created nature of them.

10. Practice Every moment that you can and maximize your time potential. In the end, one's dedication to practice is what will be the difference between a serious practitioner and a part-time hobbyist. Every single person is different, therefore, there is no set amount of time for a person to become a "master." Many people expect some sort of "number" or set time frame when it comes to practice, but, there is no way to quantify when a person will break through and take all the necessary steps that they need to succeed in Self Mastery. Self Mastery is a full time job that only ends once you leave this physical existence.

A person's proficiency in anything is entirely dependent upon their loyalty and dedication towards practice.

For instance: Some people will only practice Self Mastery for about 30 minutes a day. But, there are other Self Mastery practitioners such as Shaolin Monks who spend every waking moment of their existence perfecting themselves. How can one compare 30 minutes a day against someone who puts forth 12 hours per day of solid, hardcore practice? For every 30 minutes one person has put in, the other has put in 12 hours. After a period of a year, each of them can claim to have a year's worth of experience...but, one of them will probably have a much greater understanding than the other. It is the difference between someone spending 4320 hours of their time within that 360 day period, to someone spending 181 hours of their time over the same duration. Understand that 181 hours only accounts for about 7 and a half days. Time is only relative to the quality of practice and dedication that you apply. This is why it is impossible to put a time measurement to someone's success.

These are the tips that I suggest getting anyone started if they are serious about Self Mastery. There are multiple ways to practice and several of my videos online adequately illustrate this fact. I hope this helps.

Michael Grubb