As a long-time Self Mastery practitioner and an available personal trainer/instructor, I have been fortunate enough to come across an eclectic variety of people of varying social castes, intellectual and artistic capabilities, racial backgrounds, ethnic origin, and various religious ancestries, lineage, and affiliation. Due to this wide spectrum of exposure, I have had a very enriching life being able to consciously look into the eyes of the many and still see the only true intelligence that has ever actually existed...and for this, I am grateful.

As a long-time proponent of personal evolution, I found that it was important for a Self Mastery practitioner to have working knowledge of multiple life-disciplines and concentrations so that they understand the intricacies and details of what it means to master the "mind, body, and spirit." For instance, to be properly dedicated to one's own personal growth, one would naturally want to have a fundamental knowledge of psychology, fine arts, biology, anatomy, physical mastery, self-defense, mathematics, logic, philosophy, religion, and the sciences. Each of these points of reference serve to hone both hemispheres of the mind and get them working in conjunction with one another, rather than having one being developed over the other. According to the majority of tests designed to pin-point personality traits and demographics for employers or prisons, people either follow the "creative mind-set or the logical," making their choices and actions quite predictable. In fact, as many media and telecommunications ratings systems have found, the purchasing habits, social patterns, and mating cycles of the majority of society could all be forecast and predicted nearly perfectly simply by ascertaining the personality type of said individual. As I have personally seen with my own eyes during the process of receiving my Telecommunications degree, many of these studies are disturbingly accurate despite the refusal of the public to absorb or believe it. Most people consider themselves to be an anomaly, something that has no definition or category...however, the truth of the matter is much more sobering. We are all more alike than we ever could dare pretend to be "different." Otherwise, these personality tests would be of little use to advertisers and business executives.

All of that being said, in the wide world of the metaphysical, despite the general message of a "unified reality," there is a dirty little secret and a personality trait that often goes unaddressed. This trait proudly exudes it's presence with utter defiance of resistance and it exists within every organization. It is a real live undercurrent of ego-based intelligence that is rarely spoken of out loud by those who are either forced to observe it or even worse...fall victim to it's constant cycle. This problem is a genuine reality that is intrinsically observed or experienced by anyone who has ever sought out answers from people they had formerly thought of as "wise." Truly, this phenomena is not limited to the expansive and unknown world of the metaphysical either. Nonetheless, there seems to be a singular trait that consistently rears it's head amongst all who are attempting to walk the esoteric path; but, have yet to begin the confrontation of their own perceived identity or "ego." This trait is quite common and more prevalent than many would like to admit. It lives, breathes, and feeds as it bounces in and out of many people who are unsuspecting of it's grip. The behaviors are quite distinct when the symptoms of this disorder begins to manifest because the people whom are infected with this affliction always tend to interrupt, dominate, and violate common courtesies that civilized people commonly afford one another during conversations. Additionally, the behavior worsens as the people afflicted by this disorder tend to incessantly brag, exaggerate, and overstate the importance of their experiences while subsequently marginalizing the experiences of others by telling stories they believe to be more relevant, powerful, or exciting.

These were/are things that I had to even recognize in myself when I began the process of Self Mastery because I am not immune or above the traps of this dualistic chess game. To this day, it is still a "work in progress," and I provide the techniques and solutions that have worked best for me.

The most important asset to a Self Mastery practitioner when dealing with the public or with anyone with whom they intend to "convince," is their ability to demonstrate their vision or experience on the spot and then adequately be able to articulate the same experience in a way which is easily understood. The second best thing for a Self Mastery practitioner to have is a quality video camera and a secondary means to permanently record one's experiences so that the proof/truth lives on, over and over. In other words...a good practitioner will first demonstrate the connection, have video evidence of previous experiences, and then properly explain the stages of the demonstrated experience without the further need to brag, embellish, or gloat about said experience.

If one absolutely must inform everyone around them of their advanced abilities or perceived greatness, then I believe the "sharing" process should be a situation of "show, don't tell." If one cannot avoid the temptation to boast, then one might just as well use the process of demonstration in order to illustrate their connectivity. As is clearly evident, our actions are the processes which create reality and literally define us moment by moment. Our thoughts are simply the mechanisms that influence the presence of greater or lesser possibilities. Our "thoughts" are methods for "activation." The thoughts that we choose to entertain generate "energy and intent" while our "choices and action" empower the natural law of "cause and effect." A story of the past should have no bearing upon perceptions of the present moment unless it is to demonstrate the existence of a repeating algorithm or cycle.

Ultimately, If one has the time to truly sit down and educate a person, then the ideal situation would become, "Show, then tell." By demonstrating one's knowledge and recording it to film in front of the person you educating, one eliminates all inherent need to be able to remember the details of previous stories or experiences of the past. In fact, one no longer needs words to describe that experience at the witnesses now possess their own personal confirmation and direct experiential knowledge of their interaction with you and the truth that you exposed them to. Additionally, if one is truly trained and can repeat the results of the lavish stories that they tell, they never need worry whether others believe the "story," because they should be able to always demonstrate this knowledge at will. It truly is the best solution.

For those who always have amazing stories with incredibly lavish details but never an ounce of verification, there is an expression that I invented some time ago that I pull out every once in awhile just to inform people that I am not convinced, impressed, nor moved by stories of the fantastic. This includes paranormal stories, ghost experiences, demonic tales, or anything metaphysically oriented.

Here is that expression:"I don't need to hear anymore B.S. especially when talk is cheap and manure is sold by the ton."

As a longtime conscious observer and "veteran" of the metaphysical/multidimensional reality, I have relatively good access of some of my separate world-line memories from this world and the multiple parallel existences within them. One can think what they choose about that previous statement as I am more than positive it will garner quite the array of different responses from different individuals. Judge according to your own personal beliefs or standards. The truest beauty to knowing oneself is the realization that it is not dependent upon the belief or perceptions of others. You are entirely free to simply be...YOU. Many of my "memories" or experiences from previous "workplaces/worlds" have successfully transferred well into my current 3 dimensional state and I can use them as points of reference to avoid mistakes, repeats, or worse. Additionally, I have full blocks of memory and applicable recall of points of my past, present, and future. Additionally, I am quite aware of my personal "mission," on this "planet," although there are times when that mission plan is updated or tweaked without my immediate conscious knowledge. The Universe can be tricky at times. I want to mention though, it is neither special nor commendable that I can remember such things...It simple is. As per "standard operating procedure," I am given the knowledge that I need according to the mission I am performing. Nothing more, nothing less.

Admittedly, It is quite possible that I have done this far too long and I have developed a touch of cynicism; however, to simply give way to amazement so easily, whether it be by story or direct experience, would show a great lack of Universal experience and an overall mismanagement of energetic self-control. Additionally, I always find that when I take myself out of the "present moment" to hear someone's obviously slanted interpretation or fabrication of past events (bragging/lying), I am no longer in a state of forward momentum or conscious observation of the fullest spectrum of present reality. Instead I often find myself interpreting many inconsistencies imposed upon my person by being exposed to their falsified "tale." Since the majority of the planet would consider every word of this "blog" to be "delusional," it is hard for me to become excited about people's interpretations of "paranormal events" in a world that uses charged language such as "paranormal" to describe activities or situations that the Universe itself deems as entirely "natural."

Am I suggesting that I don't like to hear genuine, life-changing stories from people who have evolved?

That is not what I am suggesting. In fact, I find it refreshing to hear authentic stories of accomplishment and positivity in the face of adversity. Honestly, to even be alive in a world of such rampant volatility indicates a stoic nature of sorts that should be respected by all souls; therefore, to flourish in this world while using positive methods of love-based life choices shows me a disciplined soul truly dedicated towards their personal evolution. Therefore, I am clearly stating that I am not impressed by stories of "power, control, or aggression." Additionally, I am not moved by someone's ability to claim that they can completely "control or dominate their environment, animals, or their fellow man." I have no interest in hearing tales of one demonstrating "superhuman abilities" or being able to impress others with their energy, thoughts, or will. Not even for a moment does this type of mentality gain my attention or implore my fact, it usually does the exact opposite.I am far more prone to pity such a person than I am to commend them. Truth be known, I am just as impressed with people who push the evolutionary boundaries of the athletic, academic, environmental, architectural, musical,or artistic aspects of mankind as I could ever be with the metaphysical communities.

Point blank, those who can...simply do. Words are unnecessary and serve as fodder or distractions. This way of story-telling or traditional boasting at best is an innocent form of energetic vampirism as it requires absolute attention from all who share space with said individual. Heaven forbid if two of these same personality types share space with one another because then it becomes a non-stop parade of comparison, contrast, and competition. At worst though, this disorder is fed by need for reverence, authority, status, and approval. If left completely unchecked, long-term cultivation and exposure to such thought processes could create psychological conditions that might present a sufficient threat to that person and those whom they share space. Illusions of grandeur, neglect, lack of contact, and a world of non-discipline are the unhealthy arenas where sociopath/psychopathic tendencies are nurtured and the will to dominate others through manipulation and fear is born. This is why it is imperative to extend love without condition to all around you. You never know whom you may be helping.

For those seeking non-manipulated guidance from people whom they believe to be knowledgeable this becomes a rather large obstacle for honest and genuine people who are truly searching their souls and the Universe for legitimate answers. Typically, those who are willing to talk at length and provide such answers for all sorts of psychological and metaphysical situations are the very same types who are also forward enough to fabricate whatever needed to appear wise or intelligent. The mere presence of the internet supports my very statement as dummy sites with false knowledge are found everywhere. I remember during my own personal quest to ascertain answers about the nature of this existence often led me to numerous "wise men" who ended up providing me nothing more than countless hours of non-stop boasting in cycles and waves. Additionally, they fabricated facts and information by creating other sites that had bogus fact sheets supporting their claims. We live in a funky little place. Not once did I ever learn anything in those encounters except for how great that these men perceived themselves to be, and how ignorant they assumed the remainder of the rest of the world was. This is the unfortunate conundrum of our "Metaphysical community." Be aware.

Even if I personally am never perceived to be a good example of a true "Self Mastery Practitioner," I believe that a true self-mastery practitioner should be a selfless individual who is absolutely non-concerned with his/her own perceived level of greatness, individuality, or supposed uniqueness. Without words or need of recognition, a true practitioner naturally owns these qualities without having to constantly remind themselves or others of their level of commitment, excellence, or "superiority." A true Self Mastery practitioner will instead seek to improve the quality of the experiences of others, as they know that to improve one's surroundings is to literally improve oneself.

Nonetheless, humility is one of the most rare traits found within the entire spectrum of Western Society and even eludes the many who consider themselves to be "educated, aware, open-minded, or awake." Listen to yourself when you speak. Listen to your thoughts when they arise. Are they representative of you, or a fictitious version of yourself that the ego likes to present and parade around like a clown when attention is available?

Only YOU know the difference...

Eternal LOVE...