In my personal journey here on this planet, I have noticed that there are multiple stages and levels that occur during what many call the "awakening process." The term "awakening" is a very uncertain term that might imply far more or even far less than what the process truly entails. The term itself is vague and the implications of what it could mean could apply to so many facets within psychology, religion, and governmental perceptions that it is a wonder that people can properly relate to one another when using the term considering the expansive nature of what "awakening" could possibly represent. Personally, I view the awakening process as an ever evolving system that helps one strip out all of the harmful cycles and thought processes from their personal mainframe until they can achieve greater and more evolved states of consciousness. Due to the nature subjectivity, I won't try to define it further.

I've seen many people use this term as a way to infer superiority of knowledge over others, as a coin phrase of which to relate or identify to others, or as a means to demonstrate what level of knowledge one has achieved in relation to others. Many times you'll see references to it on banners, memes, and anything on social networking sites/forums that use coin phrases such as "sheeple, blue pill, red pill, the elites, and the awake."
What does it mean?
For many is "awake" when they have finally discovered that the nature of the system is "corrupt." They need nothing other than this and everything else is fodder. As far as they are concerned, until everything is "equal," nothing else exists. For others, one is awake when they can break obsessive cycles in terms of anger or addiction. A "moment of clarity" is a common term known amongst alcoholics, and this is what typically occurs right before their "awakening process," towards sobriety. Sometimes, people equate an awakening to having a religious experience within their church, sect, or organized institution. They thrive from the acceptance that they receive from others within the institution of their choice. Other times, people equate their awakening to a magnificent "spiritual experience" that changed the way that they lived their lives or viewed the world. Additionally, there are others who consider themselves awake when they have made the realization that everything is connected on a spiritual, physical, and metaphysical scale, while others equate it to being able to finally turn financial profits after years of failure. Finally, there are those who equate their "awakening" to having had some sort of extraterrestrial experience which completely altered the way that they view this present reality. The point I am clearly trying to make is that there is no set idea or concept of which one can pinpoint to this word. Therefore, it should be noted that to compare levels of one's awakening to that of another is futile and useless to anyone's personal development.

From what I have personally witnessed, the idea of "awakening" is first coming to terms with the idea that the world in which we live is not actually the way it was originally presented to us. In other words, people begin to notice the hypocrisies of society and how the government operates as a whole. Once they fully observe the manifestations and behaviors of the system's true nature, they often fall down a long tunnel that holds many within it's depths for an indefinite period. This place is where one lives, breathes, and studies governmental conspiracies for the purposes of arming themselves with knowledge and angles that often tell an accurate tale; but, breeds so much contempt that one becomes obsessed with "justice," or, vengeance. By using the very nature of your awakening against you, a bait and switch tactic is born. Instead of a person becoming more aware and loving due to their new found knowledge of their surroundings, their attention and energy is diverted right back into the negative...dividing you against them. By doing so, you remain trapped right back into the old programming because you have literally fallen into the old trap of "divide and conquer," except, on a slightly different level of knowledge and game play. Whereas before your awakening, you may have at one point been fooled by patriotism and propaganda, which allowed for your energy to be used on the war field. Now you are throwing this aggression towards the elites...still feeding right back into the field of play in which they excel.

When awakening, one can either use this knowledge to understand the nature of operations thereby planning ahead on a tactical level and always being 10 steps ahead of the game; or, they can use it as a means to drive themselves, including everyone around them completely insane. This level of "awakening" is quite deep and typically lasts for a good duration of time where people often develop hostile feelings towards those whom they feel are not aware and those whom they feel have perpetrated crimes against humanity (Politicians/Bankers/ect). This level of awakening often entails judgment, anger, aggressive thoughts, and resentment towards anyone whom they feel are connected to "the system." They often fail to see their own participation into this cycle on a past and present level. Due to the nature of this "awakening," many people sit in a long state of denial and anger that can last as long as they allow it to control them. It is a preference...a personal act of programming. I know because I went through it myself.

Although this stage of development certainly represents a level of becoming more aware to one's surroundings and the nature of our escalating political climate, to associate this level with the peak of an "awakening" would be tragic, for lack of a better term. I do find that this level of awareness is essential to the process of an ever developing "awakening," and that it is often the introductory level for the majority of those who move on to mastering themselves. Without developing the skill of observation enough to see the obvious contradictions within our world, it makes it much harder for a developing practitioner to understand how their energy interconnects with everything on a macro scale. So, this particular aspect of development is quite crucial, but, one must not become absorbed by this phase due to it's corrosive nature.

Being The Change:
One must also consider the idea that to hate the people who have fostered war and inequalities is to feed the very cycle that perpetuates this control. It is only natural to have feelings of resentment towards those who have divided beautiful souls against one another; however, one has to see that these divisions exist from choice. If the people don't want war, all they need do is quit fighting, enlisting, and participating. Instead...we see the cycle continue, especially amongst those who find themselves wishing vengeance and hateful recourse against those whom they consider to be "elites." Somehow, many people feel vindicated in expressing hatred towards the abuser while ignoring the distinct possibility that the "abuser" is staring at you right in the mirror. If it is not acceptable in our minds for those in power to sacrifice our sons and daughters to war and the horrors of this world, then it should also be equally as deplorable for us to wish harm upon these same people for their transgressions. Maybe the elites are quite aware of exactly what it is that they are "ruling over" and it is more than equally possible that it scares them to death; hence, their constant scramble for the illusion of control. How do we demonstrate that we are any different than them if we simply act in the same manner that has been shown to us? How do we serve as an example and pretend to be any different or more evolved if we simply resort to the same aggression when the tables turn? And...they will TURN.

Remember, it is not the politicians who kick in the doors of the innocent when the military comes knocking...they just give the orders to do so. Those military boogeymen who bring hell in the night are you, they are me, they are your sons and daughters...WE ARE THE AGGRESSORS. War would not exist without the willing participation of the masses. This is a concept that I think many need to understand. Those people are not separate or removed from us, they are us. And those are the people doing the damage according to their own free will, via "order," approved by our "public servants." It is sanctioned killing. These are the things that I would like to illustrate when we find ourselves looking down upon our "leaders" and those whom we consider to be "elites." To a certain degree, the people have been misled...but, to a large degree, it is WILLFUL ignorance.

An awakening is a very tricky thing that should never have a true ending, because one is always in a state of development. There are many forms of this process and I would like to highlight certain areas of my own awakening in order to illustrate the differences of my personal phases.

Listed Below are the basic stages that I personally went through in my awakening process starting around 19 years old when re-connecting to the experiences I had as a child. I don't consider my childhood experiences a conscious move towards my "awakening," therefore, I am starting it when I began to pursue my own development.
1. Conspiracies (19 years old)
2. Rejection of Govt, hatred of politicians/freemasons/clergy. (19-27yrs of age)
3. Putting out information, informing anyone who would listen regarding current events. (19 years old-present day. Magazines, pamphlets, internet etc)
4. Meditation, breathing techniques, martial arts, physical development (19yrs old - present day)
5. Development of mental "abilities" (20-27 years old. Was negatively polarized then. Re-started around 30 years old)
6. Attempting to prove existence of God to myself (27-30 years old)
7. Meditation/Training/ETs contact with me. Redevelopment of all "abilities." (30 years old to present day.)
8. Turn to true Unconditional LOVE as means for communications with ALL. (33 years old to present day)
9. Teaching, putting out information, educating whomever asks. (19-present day.)

Every single stage I went through was absolutely instrumental in sculpting the direction that I now take. Without them, I do not believe I would have cultivated all of the experiences necessary to now walk a path of love and positivity. However, as times change, so do the methods that we undergo to achieve knowledge. Must we all go through these stages of anger, grief, and negativity in order to experience the positive? I don't think so. I believe that once a process has been done by one person, it is automatically hacked so that the next person can vicariously learn from the mistakes of those who came before them. Otherwise, what is truly the value of having an "experience" at all?

I personally believe the process of "awakening" to be an ongoing state of "Self Improvement." The more that one strives for excellence in themselves, the more they will find themselves experiencing increased levels of awakened and conscious states. Truly, advancement is all one could ever ask for. I don't believe that one could every be fully awake until they have evolved from the limitations of their own mind and environment.

Eternal LOVE...