Tidbit Course #9: Aerokinesis (Channeling Energy Through Hands)

Channeling Electrical Flow Through The Hands

Greetings Students!!!

This particular lesson demonstrates the concept of being able to channel one's bio-electricity through their hands for the purposes of guiding electrical flow towards one's designated "target." As shown in the video, this is a highly effective technique, especially for those involved with healing work or those who work intently to sharpen their skills as a serious practitioner of Universal/Self-Mastery. Although these are incredible techniques, one must understand that they are not a substitute for the Regular Course Membership which provides a strong and complete foundation in Self-Mastery training and knowledge. Keep in mind that these are basic techniques that one can successfully apply to their Self-Mastery tool-box once they've spent time developing themselves through time, effort, dedication and practice. As a Universal/Self-Mastery practitioner, Michael Grubb has been training for over 2 and a half decades, therefore, his connection is fast, fluid, potent, and reliable. As it is always mentioned, one must dedicate themselves to their art and spend whatever time is necessary in order to experience consistent results from the training. It is entirely up to YOU how much you will succeed and just how far you will go in the world of Universal/Self-Mastery. Additionally, Universal/Self-Mastery does not just encompass the world of magnetism or kinetics...Universal Mastery exists within all things physical, "spiritual," metaphysical, and beyond.

Congratulations on your choice to evolve beyond the confines of society and conventional thought processing. This is your time to reach out and excel to your fullest potential...let nothing stand in your way. We are here to assist your personal evolution!!!


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  Aerokinesis/Channeling Bio-Electricity From the Hands
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Michael J. Grubb Jr.
Michael J. Grubb Jr.

Self Mastery Head Instructor

As a self mastery practitioner, Michael Grubb has had more than 30 years of experience in honing various aspects of Metaphysical knowledge and Universal consciousness. Educated at Indiana University for Telecommunications and Political Science and well versed in combat, musical, and the fine arts, Michael Grubb pursued knowledge that extended beyond the confines of conventional thought and wisdom. This relentless pursuit of truth led to many enriching experiences, both positive and negative, that brought forth pertinent experiential wisdom which was used as a path in which to train others to navigate their realities.

Currently, Michael Grubb teaches students in Bloomington, Indiana as well as on the internet who have come from various points of the globe to pursue training and knowledge within the world of the metaphysical. The philosophy is simple…LOVE others as you would expect to be LOVED, and uplift your surroundings where you see it struggle. The meaning of life is evolution, and since the world is made of one consciousness and is literally composed of the same matter, then the idea of separation is an illusion…therefore, useless within a unified field of resonant harmony.