Water and Physiology (Part Two)

The 2nd Phase in Comprehending Physiology to Improve Performance

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At the beginning of every person's path to health resides an obstacle; that obstacle is knowledge. The lack of knowledge amongst most people is the fault in their current cultural and educational systems. The general population awakes in a body, but is not taught the true knowledge necessary for one to be able to upkeep their own health. Due to that, the body's overall performance declines, and one is left helpless and dependent on external guides to amend the problem.

When one purchases a car, but does not give the car the maintenance and care it needs, that car will become weaker with time and eventually break apart completely. The human body is an advanced technology, designed to receive sensory information from the environment, as well as broadcast signals outwards. As one uses the body, but does not take care of it, the body will weaken (age) and eventually break apart (die). The decline in one's performance is due to lack of knowledge.

One is not handed a manual at birth or childhood that teaches how the body is made and what it needs under certain conditions. Instead, most people are indoctrinated into a system of constant restlessness and over-consumption. For instance, the belief in consuming three meals a day is so widespread, that few question it. This habit is so commonplace that people view it as a natural requirement of life. Yet, there are people who eat only one meal a day, and even more so, people who abstain from physical nourishment completely.

In this course, one learns about the process mankind has gone through to reach its current stage of development. Through this video series, one is able to learn about the de-evolution of mankind, as well as an early examination of a simple organ, whose proper function determines one's basic level of performance. One will find this course to provide a scientific approach to health. Each video provides a concept that rests heavily on one's knowledge of previous lessons, as well as the knowledge one gains from completing PART ONE of this Water and Physiology series.

The course is meant to provide further insight into the impact dehydration has on the body, but also detailed step-by-step techniques for using water and sea salt for proper hydration.

Understanding this course does not depend on one taking any other course beforehand. However, references occasionally appear about lessons one finds in one of my other 3 courses. Nevertheless, you will gain quite a lot of knowledge, and wisdom, in studying the content in this course. But, I highly recommend Water and Physiology Part One as a necessary foundation for why one should study Part Two.

MANY HOURS have been placed in filming, editing, producing, uploading, and designing this course. It is with great joy that I have taken the time and effort to create this for you.

In purchasing this course you receive unlimited access to 25 videos designed to evolve the way you think about your body and diet. The course will provide you with a method to improve your performance through knowledge and wisdom.

The only way to obtain FREE entry into this course is by completing all the courses in the Regular Membership Bundle offered by Evolved Ministry, including passing the examination conducted by a certified Universal Mastery instructor. Due note, one only becomes eligible to apply for enrollment into the Water and Physiology PART 2 once completing the two aforementioned steps. There is another exam one is required to pass, in which one is quizzed on their knowledge in Nutrition Self Mastery PART 1 and 2 and Water and Physiology PART 1. If you meet the requirements, contact Joel Jacobson with proof of having completed the two first steps.

May this course answer many of your deepest questions into how the body works and what you can start doing to help nourish the body.

Your evolution is my priority!

Eternal LOVE and blessings,

Joel D. Jacobson
Course Designer and Instructor

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Joel D. Jacobson
Joel D. Jacobson

Universal Mastery Instructor and Nutrition Investigator

Joel Jacobson was born and raised in the hills of the upper Galilee in northern Israel, but he currently resides in Bloomington, Indiana. Joel received training as a course instructor while in his military service and has extensive experience in course formatting and delivery. The material Joel teaches guides a person to discover the interconnectivity of karmic law within the field of Nutrition, and successful application of tools he provides allows an increase in performance in all aspects of life.

Joel has spent the last 6 years Self Mastering Nutrition and is the author of Nutrisdom.net, which uncovers knowledge that is useful for self-healing and for improving one's life-condition. The courses he creates are designed to nurture a person's intellect by steadily building a foundation of knowledge. "Education is the culmination of Knowledge". Personal health and optimal performance rest upon one's choices. However, one's choices are determined by their education. Joel found that he is responsible for his own education, which led him to extensively experiment on himself in order to determine the validity of accepted dietary beliefs. His courses and articles reflect the measure of scientific inquiry he had pursued to debunk unfounded dietary beliefs and correct the way in which he does everything.

As a result, Joel has a deep understanding of physiological processes, which enables him to determine what went wrong, and along with dietary wisdom he can facilitate a swift and complete recovery. In an effort to make Joel's discoveries and methods available for public access, Joel designed and produced courses which make the learning experience easier. In purchasing Joel's courses, you support yourself and Joe's continuous effort to produce further content. Thank you!