Water and Physiology (Part One)

Your step-by-step guide to Cultivating Knowledge and Strategies for improving your Physical Performance.

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Water is the dimensional space within which all biology is possible. Our body is a sack of water, capable of erecting molecular structures that make up our trillions of cells. Moreover, all enzymatic tasks are accomplished within water. The earliest lifeforms developed in the oceans, where ample water was available for entire species to develop. Once organisms began leaving the ocean to live on the dry terrestrial land, water was not readily available in sufficient concentrations in order to buffer the effects of environmental stressors.

Our ability to walk, to digest and to think straight is greatly affected by water shortages in the body. Basic physiological processes are impaired when dehydration occurs. The desire to quench our thirst becomes far more important than primal urges, such as procreation, eating and creating. When our body is experiencing dehydration, many processes that enable us to enjoy life are impaired - basically because all processes within the body happen within water, and some with the utilization of water. A decrease in water volume in our body is the impetus for the reduction in performance.

In this course you will learn about the many different processes within the body that are affected by water shortages. You will also learn about the water composition and needs, as well as certain minerals that are important for cell survival.

Our body is the instrument by which we are able to interact with our environment and transcend its limitations. When the body is dehydrated, it becomes obsessively concerned with preventing additional water loss - the low and decreasing volume of water stresses the organism. Such stress can impact cognitive abilities, and keep the mind fixed on its bodily needs. Due to that, our ability to relax and access higher states of consciousness is challenged. Our bodily needs need to be satisfied in order to free the mind.

Learning about our aqueous physiology is one of the first steps in understanding the Nutrition needs of our body. When water is scarce, food and medicine is of no use. When water is abundant, food and medicine become effective.

Enroll in this course to learn about the many aspects of our physiology as it pertains to water.

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Joel D. Jacobson

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Joel D. Jacobson
Joel D. Jacobson

Universal Mastery Instructor and Nutrition Investigator

Joel Jacobson was born and raised in the hills of the upper Galilee in northern Israel, he currently resides in Bloomington, Indiana. Joel received training as a course instructor while in his military service, which he gladly completed, and has extensive experience in course formatting and delivery. The material Joel teaches guides a person on discovering the interconnectivity of karmic law within the field of Nutrition, and successful application of tools he provides allows an increase in performance in all aspects of life.

Joel has spent the last 4 years Self Mastering Nutrition and has written two blogs (Hebrew and English), which examine multiple fields of science and how they fundamentally correspond. His fervent passion to help others find relief from their cycles of suffering has brought him to strive continually to elucidate the underlying cause of disharmony in the body-mind-spirit complex. When he recognized that the only way to raise the consciousness of society is by learning about the physiology of the avatar, one awakes to each morning, he sought a platform that would enable the young and open-hearted minds to progressively integrate observable phenomenon into practical wisdom.

The courses he creates are designed to nurture a person's intellect by steadily building a foundation of knowledge. This knowledge has power when it can be applied to the prosperity of the self - when it can be demonstrated rather than theorized. Joel believes that the mind and body can be restless, due to psychological and physical triggers, and once the restlessness is transformed at its root, the mind can be set free from the downward pull of the body's needs in order for the consciousness to reach and maintain soul-liberation and positive-concentration. Once the bodily distractions are understood and relieved at their root, the mind can then be prepared for establishing and maintaining a universal connection as taught by Evolved Ministry.

Evolution is a matter of individual progress being done across many aspects of the soul. The ultimate purpose is self-healing and the return of the individual to the perspective of unconditional love and the belonging to a community.