Abilities Volume 1

Preliminary Mathematics to enhance one's basic connection. One Should NOT enroll unless they have already taken the preliminary courses.

This course gets into some advanced knowledge concerning one's connection with the Universe and aspects of psychokinetics. That being said, this course material is thick and is a very strong preparation towards learning the opening the circuitry within the body that makes psychokinesis possible. If you are already a member of the $50.00 bundle course, this course will be available to you after you have completed the preliminary courses and the oral quiz via Skype. If you feel that you must have the course beforehand, it is offered at $500, due to the course content. This course is NOT recommended for beginners or people who have not gone through the regular course membership which is why the price is set at an individual $500 to dissuade people from simply skipping through the essential knowledge that prepares you for this level of work. The course material is thick and it will be challenging. It will force you to work hard and one must retain the knowledge in order to truly be an outstanding "Self Mastery Practitioner," at Evolved Ministry.

This course is designed to expand one's understanding concerning their overall connection to the Universe, why it exists, and how one can open their circuitry to add the most benefit for themselves and the environment.It will dip you deep into the world of the Fibonacci sequence, plants, fractal knowledge, vortex mathematics, and spirals. It will bridge the worlds of the physical with the metaphysical knowledge needed in order to understand why Self Mastery practitioners seek excellence in order to accent their growing skill-set. All of this knowledge is essential towards Self Development.

One may ask, why would I be learning about plants, mathematics, and vortex mathematics if I am attempting to boost my own energetic system for psychokinetic value? Well, if one watches my videos, they quickly begin to realize that I am often working with the plant systems in order to develop energy from my environment. To understand plant mathematics is to understand oneself and how it fits in with energetic movement. In fact, it is just as essential to understand the growth and energetic processes of the plant systems as it is to learn one's own biological systems and it's connection to energy.They are one in the same.

There are many techniques in this course that will teach essential knowledge, and there will be hard work within this course. Be ready. For the course that follows the first abilities section in abilities part 2, you will need at least 3 pinwheels, small, medium, and large in order to pass the course that will be designed after this one. So, for abilities part 2, be prepared to have these essential tools. Additionally, you will need at least one singular fixed pinwheel that does not spin 360 degrees from it's axis. Instead, it simply sits directly in front of you and only the petals spin. You will also need a way to film yourself to pass all of the abilities courses. Any camera phone should do if you do not have a video camera.

Be ready to work. Evolved Ministry is not like other systems that simply teach basic techniques for the purposes of cultivating power. We like to see that you are actually learning these principles that prepare you for the up and coming techniques that will expand your knowledge base.

Warning: This is where the work becomes astringent.

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Your Instructor

Michael J. Grubb Jr.
Michael J. Grubb Jr.

Self Mastery Head Instructor

As a self mastery practitioner, Michael Grubb has had more than 30 years of experience in honing various aspects of Metaphysical knowledge and Universal consciousness. Educated at Indiana University for Telecommunications and Political Science and well versed in combat, musical, and the fine arts, Michael Grubb pursued knowledge that extended beyond the confines of conventional thought and wisdom. This relentless pursuit of truth led to many enriching experiences, both positive and negative, that brought forth pertinent experiential wisdom which was used as a path in which to train others to navigate their realities.

Currently, Michael Grubb teaches students in Bloomington, Indiana as well as on the internet who have come from various points of the globe to pursue training and knowledge within the world of the metaphysical. The philosophy is simple…LOVE others as you would expect to be LOVED, and uplift your surroundings where you see it struggle. The meaning of life is evolution, and since the world is made of one consciousness and is literally composed of the same matter, then the idea of separation is an illusion…therefore, useless within a unified field of resonant harmony.