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Biological Energy Systems (The Endocrine System And "Chakras")

Everything You Need To Know About the Chakra System, the glands, and how they pertain to Self Mastery.

This is a very important section as it teaches the serious practitioner about the human body and where the energetic potential that one's system gathers and projects is derived from. This course has multiple sections and several different levels that one must complete in order to pass through into the next pertinent stages of Self-Mastery.There will be several courses of anatomy that will contribute to the biological energy systems series. Be ready to learn them all as they are essential for any dedicated practitioner.

Knowledge of this section is the difference between a very general part-time, new-age practitioner doing guess work and telling stories around a campfire versus the very serious Self-Mastery student who is determined to understand how their body produces energy that interfaces with the creative and operational aspects of the Universal construct. For the serious practitioner, these are the details that one must know and thoroughly understand so they can provide for themselves the best possible education that an energy practitioner can receive. At Evolved Ministry, we pride ourselves into giving quality education that spans across essential scientific, biological, and mathematical knowledge unseen in most religious and spiritual philosophies that claim to hold secrets regarding the metaphysical and the Universal.

Without this essential knowledge, one truly has no real idea how the body acts as a piece of technology that can be honed and directed within one's energetic environment. Additionally, if a practitioner lacks this profound information, the haphazard student often finds themselves lost and unable to understand Universal functions, let alone explain the truth of their attempted practice and how it is absolutely possible to span the divide between the physical and the "metaphysical" realms through the knowledge of logic, science, and mathematics. Given the fact that our world and reality is simply powered by electrical connections, mathematic equations, and open signal transmissions that ebb and flow throughout the Universe, having this knowledge is just a matter of practice, studying, and developing the correct connections that fortify one's quality of personal experience.

The many new age practitioners and self professed "gurus" who try to sell you the story that one must be "special or chosen" are purposefully misleading people to make themselves or their chosen crowd seem superior to the remainder of humanity, and this is one of the largest fallacies within the metaphysical community. This method has been used for centuries for the purposes of appealing to the egos of their clientele. However, I am here to say that Just like anything, there may be some people who are more naturally prone to developing these gifts, but, for the most part...Self Mastery is just like playing basketball. Yes, there are some who will seem to excel at it more than others, but, just like basketball, nearly anyone can bounce a ball and shoot it through the hoop...even on their first day. So it only makes sense to say that, Those who dedicate themselves to excellence from within will definitely be more prone to achieving amazing results...but, we all have the capacity and the biological hardware to play.

Regarding the chakra system, Most attempted metaphysical practitioners mistakenly correlate the functions of the Chakra system as some sort of religiously based, magically driven, energy system that can only be understood by witches, shamans, or occult-like minds who have sold their souls for the access of this "power." Instead, it is far more simple...however, it takes time to learn the specifics. The chakras are merely very natural functions of the biological piece of technology that your "soul" occupies during it's tenure within this physical realm...the human body.

This course is designed to educate the serious Self-Mastery practitioner and weed out those who simply seek to cultivate quick power and shallow influence. Self-Mastery is a system designed for Self-perfection and personal evolution for the purposes of each student serving as a benefactor to help evolve the greater whole. Understand this though...Self-Mastery is not designed for individual empowerment or self-service. The teaching staff at Evolved Ministry have no interest in building personal Gods or superheroes, or empowering the masses for self service, power, or greed. We at Evolved Ministry seek to help build a population of intelligent, thoughtful, and loving beings to wish to see this world evolve to it's most ideal state of peace, logic, harmony, LOVE, and intellect. Those who are serious about their own evolution will see the value of this course and jump into it with the intentions of learning the specifics that make our Universal connection possible while cultivating a better existence for all beings in which we share space and time.

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  Demonstrations of Exercise and Triggering Of the Glandular System For Energetic Access
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Michael J. Grubb Jr.
Michael J. Grubb Jr.

Self Mastery Head Instructor

As a self mastery practitioner, Michael Grubb has had more than 30 years of experience in honing various aspects of Metaphysical knowledge and Universal consciousness. Educated at Indiana University for Telecommunications and Political Science and well versed in combat, musical, and the fine arts, Michael Grubb pursued knowledge that extended beyond the confines of conventional thought and wisdom. This relentless pursuit of truth led to many enriching experiences, both positive and negative, that brought forth pertinent experiential wisdom which was used as a path in which to train others to navigate their realities.

Currently, Michael Grubb teaches students in Bloomington, Indiana as well as on the internet who have come from various points of the globe to pursue training and knowledge within the world of the metaphysical. The philosophy is simple…LOVE others as you would expect to be LOVED, and uplift your surroundings where you see it struggle. The meaning of life is evolution, and since the world is made of one consciousness and is literally composed of the same matter, then the idea of separation is an illusion…therefore, useless within a unified field of resonant harmony.