Introduction to Nutritional Science

Step one on your path to cultivating Nutritional Wisdom.

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"The concept of nutrition is vastly misunderstood by western perspectives. Our physiology can be quantified, as well as the nature of food and substances around us, but in the process of quantifying and measuring the value and quality of external elements, we have forgotten the quality of our internal "WATERS"."

Your body is the single instrument you posses and wake up to; when it is in good shape and health you get to experience the wide range of pleasures of being alive - learning, setting goals, succeeding and growing. However, most men and women have little knowledge when it comes to their body; what it is made of and how to manage its processes. They spend years following a commercial and dogmatic belief, which provides them with dietary guidelines that produce at the best only stagnation, inflammation and senility.

As a Self Mastery Practitioner, it is paramount to know the in and out of your sole possession - your body. The body has many layers, different organs, all working in tandem to permit you the capacity to stand up erect, navigate through terrain, respond to stimuli, and interact with manipulative materials. The nervous system and the body' organs can only operate properly if the right choices are made for it by the operator of the vehicle - you. Karmic law, the familiar "Cause and Effect", also applies to how we manage our body and what we expose it to.

To maximize your energetic potential, right choices of substances can yield optimal performance. Ancient philosophies have always linked diet with performance; the restless body, due to faulty dieting, stresses the mind, and thus prevents a student of Self Mastery to attain higher states of consciousness. The body is demanding attention and relief, from the restlessness produced in the majority of cases by dietary choices that have aggravated internal processes.

Taking care of your diet loosens the tension of the nervous system, which is crying for real sustenance, and once that tension is relieved, the clutter in the brain is wiped clean and the signals intended to coordinate movement can then reach their respective targets without being pushed aside, without being drowned by the noise of restlessness. Then the capacity to deliver precise instructions is increased, allowing your heart's intentions to produce sufficient amplitude for energetic phenomena to occur. How else would your environment receive your signals, if not by a clean, restful and receptive body?

On your path of evolving yourself past the limitations of the box that presently contains you, you must remember that your body is yours, and yours alone! To enhance your access to energy, as a Practitioner, the body and mind have to be prepared for meditative states, which permit you to establish a connection with the universe, and to successfully maintain that connection without being dragged back down to the needs and consciousness of the physical body.

Please Join me on this wonderful adventure of exploring and comprehending physiology and universal phenomenon.

About the Course

Chapter 1 in this first part introductory course will set up the stage for discussing atoms, molecules, and their social behavior.

Chapter 2 in this first part will delve into the macro-molecules; proteins, nucleic acids, lipids and carbohydrates.

In this course you will be able to attend classes with head instructor Joel Jacobson,
who will be at your disposal for the purpose of deepening your understanding of materialized phenomenon.

The first step is getting a foundation of concepts, whose main purpose is the aid in visualizing the scenes your instructor will be exploring with you later on and in between sessions. The sessions themselves are highly educational, which have the propensity of motivating you to continue your self mastery in the art of healing.

This introductory course is designed to expose you to concepts in physics, chemistry, biology, physiology and the mixture of them into what can be expressed as the "human condition". The introductory course contains knowledge that must be transformed successfully into positive, upward-evolving wisdom.

Please take advantage of speaking to your instructor, as he has your best interest in mind = evolution...!

Class Curriculum

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  Chapter 1 - Atoms and the Elemental World
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  Chapter 2 - Macronutrients
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I look forward to your success and wish you much pleasure in deepening your understanding of your body and environment.

Your Instructor

Joel D. Jacobson
Joel D. Jacobson

Universal Mastery Instructor and Nutrition Investigator

Joel Jacobson was born and raised in the hills of the upper Galilee in northern Israel, but he currently resides in Bloomington, Indiana. Joel received training as a course instructor while in his military service and has extensive experience in course formatting and delivery. The material Joel teaches guides a person to discover the interconnectivity of karmic law within the field of Nutrition, and successful application of tools he provides allows an increase in performance in all aspects of life.

Joel has spent the last 6 years Self Mastering Nutrition and is the author of Nutrisdom.net, which uncovers knowledge that is useful for self-healing and for improving one's life-condition. The courses he creates are designed to nurture a person's intellect by steadily building a foundation of knowledge. "Education is the culmination of Knowledge". Personal health and optimal performance rest upon one's choices. However, one's choices are determined by their education. Joel found that he is responsible for his own education, which led him to extensively experiment on himself in order to determine the validity of accepted dietary beliefs. His courses and articles reflect the measure of scientific inquiry he had pursued to debunk unfounded dietary beliefs and correct the way in which he does everything.

As a result, Joel has a deep understanding of physiological processes, which enables him to determine what went wrong, and along with dietary wisdom he can facilitate a swift and complete recovery. In an effort to make Joel's discoveries and methods available for public access, Joel designed and produced courses which make the learning experience easier. In purchasing Joel's courses, you support yourself and Joe's continuous effort to produce further content. Thank you!