Molecular Functional World (Biochemical Behavior of Water and Life)

Step two on your path to cultivating Nutritional Wisdom.

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This course is a PART Two and depends on your understanding of the introductory course to Nutrition Self Mastery (i.e. PART One).

The course is split into two chapters, which are:

Chapter Three delves into the fourth phase of water by examining crucial scientific observations of water's behavior.

Chapter Four introduces enzymes, antioxidants, the inflammatory response and immunity.

These are bite-size lessons and provide a foundation for people interested in self healing and performance improvement.

The goal of this course is to steadily build within you knowledge about the inner workings of cellular processes. By comprehending natural cellular processes, such as respiration and redox signaling, you will gain a concrete perception on how the biochemical world functions in order for the entire organism to maintain homeostasis and consequently health.

The course's step-by-step curriculum layout is designed to integrate within you an unshakeable understanding on the inner workings of immunity and how to improve your cellular resiliency to infections, cancer, and general diseases.

By completing Nutrition Self Mastery, you will have a foundation that will enable you to assimilate advance knowledge in nutrition courses published by Joel D. Jacobson, such as his Water and Physiology 2-part course series.

MANY hours have been invested into writing, filming, editing, producing, and designing this course to supply you with a smooth experience.

This course is not meant to be easy, it is meant to challenge you. Education on a new level has to be earned through examination of advance scientific knowledge.

Your evolution is my priority!

Joel D. Jacobson
Your Course Instructor

Class Curriculum

  Chapter 3
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It brings joy to me that you choose to study Self Mastery. May this course provide for you a foundation that will empower you to break old habits and improve your overall performance.

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Joel D. Jacobson
Joel D. Jacobson

Universal Mastery Instructor and Nutrition Investigator

Joel Jacobson was born and raised in the hills of the upper Galilee in northern Israel, but he currently resides in Bloomington, Indiana. Joel received training as a course instructor while in his military service and has extensive experience in course formatting and delivery. The material Joel teaches guides a person to discover the interconnectivity of karmic law within the field of Nutrition, and successful application of tools he provides allows an increase in performance in all aspects of life.

Joel has spent the last 6 years Self Mastering Nutrition and is the author of Nutrisdom.net, which uncovers knowledge that is useful for self-healing and for improving one's life-condition. The courses he creates are designed to nurture a person's intellect by steadily building a foundation of knowledge. "Education is the culmination of Knowledge". Personal health and optimal performance rest upon one's choices. However, one's choices are determined by their education. Joel found that he is responsible for his own education, which led him to extensively experiment on himself in order to determine the validity of accepted dietary beliefs. His courses and articles reflect the measure of scientific inquiry he had pursued to debunk unfounded dietary beliefs and correct the way in which he does everything.

As a result, Joel has a deep understanding of physiological processes, which enables him to determine what went wrong, and along with dietary wisdom he can facilitate a swift and complete recovery. In an effort to make Joel's discoveries and methods available for public access, Joel designed and produced courses which make the learning experience easier. In purchasing Joel's courses, you support yourself and Joe's continuous effort to produce further content. Thank you!