Universal Entertainment
No one has to take this seriously whatsoever. To be honest, it is nothing more than a fleeting thought; therefore, discard at will. It is an imaginary exercise if anything at all.
What if this “whole” situation down here is all set up for 100% “entertainment?”
If you were an “omniscient intelligence” floating through the eternity of “space and time,” or...the lack thereof, what might you do in order to keep yourself from getting bored?
What might you do in order to avoid the perception of sailing through a drifting blank slate that never seems to change or alter itself? It would be the equivalent of being aware of everything, but literally stuck in complete darkness where you reach out to be able to touch or sense something, anything...but nothing is there to grasp onto. Imagine deep into the reality of being deaf, blind, and mute but still fully conscious and operational in your mind without any communication or contact with anything tangible. It is the infinite and expansive void that movies such as “The Never-ending Story” attempt to illustrate within the minds of the viewer...”The Nothing.” For the Universe of intelligence that existed in the movie called "The Never Ending Story," there nothing was more terrifying to the minds of all the beings that lived in that world than the possibility of "The Nothing" coming to destroy the physical world before their very eyes....Apocalypse. To remove physicality, life, and existence. Pending on one’s point of view this idea could be positive or negative. For some...it is peace.
It could be easily assumed that the reason why this expansive “nothing” exists within the intelligence’s mind is simply because it has yet to imagine something different. And, with this imagination can come the beauty and bliss of heaven, or the filth of the alternative...it is simply a matter of “choice” and a level of experience.
If you had this vast consciousness and only needed an easel of which to paint your masterpieces, then you might begin to imagine yourself mind and soul, contained in some sort of body...a unit of which you can sense, feel, and see your surroundings. Once embodiment is established, you might first imagine yourself in something basic, like a small room that you begin to fill piece by piece. From this point, you might then begin to expand your creation outward to something like a house. From there you choose to create an outdoor area but soon it spans from outside to being an entire world. You then might imagine multiple numbers of yourself in this room to keep you company, and then multitudes more to fill in your growing space of creation. Each of these clones appear to be different packages, yet they all contain the same soul and threads that temporarily (relative to each) gives your separate selves the illusion of slowly disassociating from your original, most true, form.
Eventually, just like anyone experiencing multiple personality disorder, the growing number of developing personalities and preferences begin to accelerate the fragmentation process of the soul...and confusion sets in as this intelligence finds itself getting lost deeper into it’s own fantasy...desperately trying to absorb every experience imaginable by multiplying itself nearly endlessly. Meanwhile, worlds upon worlds begin to form by this intelligence’s own autonomous and evolving creation as it’s multiple selves (I.E. you and me) work tirelessly expanding it’s creation forward through our own dreams, creative endeavors, and ambitions. Even in the deepest of physical pain and hell rarely even experienced within our dense environment, many of these personalities would rather feel the torment of physicality over and over in the face of certain infinity rather than stare into an empty black room that they seemingly can never leave.
One must even ask themselves...why do we have so many forms of entertainment on this particular “planet?” Why is the media industry never at a loss of revenue? Entertainment is at our core because it provides the very distractions that allow us to drift endlessly without having to realize “the truth,” if there were ever such a thing.
It is a game...a game that keeps us from becoming bored with the abyss. Mankind purposefully immerses itself within this fictitious dream-state to experience more lies on a consistent basis, hence the reason why many people avoid the “truth,” whether it be political or personal.
Just a passing thought...