0 stars = horrible. 7 stars = perfection

This movie was a long-time in the making for Luc Besson and equally anticipated by a host of my friends and I for several months. After having seen the trailer in Lakehills, Texas which was recommended to me by a dear friend; I had honed in on this release with amazing fervor.

This movie takes other releases within the same genre such as "The Matrix, the 13th Floor, Limitless, and multiple other movies and completes them with a perfect quotient of story-telling, breath-taking effects, and action.

The dialogue, plot, and storyline supersedes and trumps other movie attempts to combine the idea of trans-humanism, metaphysics, and evolution into one cohesive tale which shows the power of the human mind and its unlimited potential.

If you're looking for a great time which moves relatively fast and applies scientific knowledge with amazing visual effects, I think you found your ride.

-Michael Grubb, Evolved Ministry-

Lucy, International Trailer