I am often asked about how it is scientifically possible for a human being to make a "Universal connection." So, in order to make things easy, I am going to give a very fast write-up that I hope will help explain this well for both teachers and students alike.

It isn't necessarily the easiest thing to answer. In fact, I have chapters upon chapters of information that I use to articulate this concept to students. Nonetheless, below is the quickest and most detailed explanation I could provide without going into hundreds of pages.

Every single human has a bio-electrical field that is powered by the heart. Everything which powers the human being is based upon energy and electricity...thereby, effectively making a human being a "battery." Every thought and emotion that we have is first born in the brain and is made possible by a burst of electricity known as a synapse. When synaptic charges occur, they are transferred electrochemically from one neuron to the next and they are the bridge which is necessary for our minds to form the associations that transfer those electrical impulses into logical and coherent information.

Once the information travels and is interpreted, our brain translates the information into useful thoughts by deciphering (input or output), (emotional/logical), or by discarding seemingly random information which has no direct value. It is more digitally based (1s and 0s) across a long trajectory of modalities and possibilities than the theory or shape of a waveform. Regardless, all of this excess electricity either has potential for activation, or potential for recycling...as a result, it amounts to loads of untapped static energy that is manufactured by one's body system. As Einstein eloquently stated, the very world that you also live in is also based upon compressed electricity and frequencies...E=MC2. When a person is able to activate their circuitry and tap into their bio-electrical field (Merkabah Field), all of that previously unused static electricity now has focus, will, and intent that shapes it's usage and potential.

Additionally, since we do know that our world is light-based (E=MC2) the "double-slit experiment" also teaches us that light will change it's behavior from particle to wave-form based upon it's observation. If light can change behavior, that must mean that light is also a thinking, sentient system...as light composes our very structure and translates the way that we think (synaptic charges). Theoretically, anytime one is truly observing their surroundings, those light-dependent surroundings will literally respond and change according to your sense of awareness as is explained by the "Double-Slit" experiment.

Therefore, in my case...when I couple the act of observation with my additional ability to access my body's bio-electrical field, I can influence the behavior of my surroundings via electrical interaction and projection. Remember, the world is made of electricity, and so are we. Thoughts are also electrically based, therefore, all actions that we make are merely indicative of a world where light interacts with and light and subsequently communicates via projection or transmission...one system affecting the next.

Once one realizes that everything is based upon resonance, vibration, and frequency, then all a person has to do is dial in the right numerics within their surroundings and they will get any number of results from their environment. This is why it is important that when a person practices this form of communication with their environment that they are LOVE and harmony based, thereby making them responsible with their knowledge. The world has already seen the use of negative manifestation; therefore, I refuse to teach someone who prefers to work in the negative polarity. Even now, the military has frequency based weapons like LRAD (Long Range Accoustic Device) that can melt one's brain out through one's ears by hitting certain pitches and oscillations that are harmful for human exposure. So, it only makes sense that honed and directed frequencies can influence living and non-living matter due to the light-dependence of this construct.

Eternal LOVE...