For those unfamiliar with the term "Digital," I have provided a relatively detailed link that should help one understand what it means to be "digital" and how it is represented within our current reality.

For the most part, the digital spectrum is represented through a series of 1s and 0s. 1 represents "on" or the flow of electricity, and 0 represents "off" or the cessation of energetic value. Therefore, the Universe works in a discontinuous operational flow of electricity...nothing more, nothing less.

Here is how our current numeric system is represented by the digital reality. Each number is represented by a series of 1s and 0s according to the value it holds.

Reg Binary

1. 0 = 0

2. 1 = 1

3. 2 = 10

4. 3 = 11

5. 4 = 100

6. 5 = 101

7. 6 = 110

8. 7 = 111

9. 8 = 1000

10. 9 = 1001

This video goes into detail about how one can learn to do digital/Binary to decimal conversions without computer calculation.

The number 7 is the strongest number within our own numeric system and in terms of the digital reality, every digit is represented by the flow of electricity. Although 1 and 3 are still quite strong in terms of electrical flow, they do not contain as many digits, and have less influence in terms of practicality and usability when it comes to efficiency in Universal programming. The number 3 is quite systemic and is often used as a precursor to the carbon code of 6 (666). Traditionally, and in references to biblical significance, The number 7 has also been referred to as "God's perfect number." In terms of the digital reality, it would have a massive influence as to how programming sequences would operate, pending on how those numbers were programmed. To a Universal programmer, the number 7 would be quite advantageous as it's binary capabilities is far superior to those of the other numbers within its numeric system. In essence, in a world based and ran upon 6's, it would be a cheat code of sorts that could be used to correct all sorts of errors within its registry. With such a code in existence, it could also be used to override many former commands.

The number 17.7777777(infinity) is a particular code that was used to program the mainframe some time ago back in 2012. I know this for a fact because I was one of the people there to facilitate the process, and the situation was far from being a joke. The results were astounding and there were 3 other people there to witness what happened during and then after that programming session. I am not prone to exaggeration and I can say that it is very atypical to see a 2nd sun appear at midnight and then begin shooting lightening in every direction while literally blinking back in pulses, the code which was instilled into its mainframe moments before. Trust me when I say, my imagination ain't that good and I had not expected to see anything as dramatic as what had occurred that night. One is welcome to think what they choose; however, I can tell you this...I have no reason to fabricate ANYTHING, especially when this world is as ridiculous as it currently is. Truth makes fiction look silly and non-imaginative.

Nonetheless, this (17.7 infinity) number is based ENTIRELY on Unconditional LOVE, and is the number which helps us find unity within every intelligent and ancient civilization which has ever shared space on "planet earth." If one needs further defining, this little note below should help out a little.

As opposed to seeing 17.7777777(infinity) as a whole number, one has to look at each digit as its own singular reality. This is how the numbers go into the streaming code that we are now currently residing. Once these numbers go in, they are converted to binary within the digital operational system and this code enacts by turning all the "off" switches within our Universe to "ON." Therefore, despite what is typical of any "normal planetary cycle," we will see a rise in solar flares outside the norm of of impending ice ages. We will see a rise in ocean levels that will supersede those that came before it. And we will see a rise in turbulent weather systems...all which is meant to cull and extract the 0s which were compromised by the programming of the original (666) carbon algorithm. This has nothing to do with good or evil, it is based upon the raise of the energetic vibration on what we would perceive as a cosmic scale. Additionally, what we as humans will view as an intense blow to our current paradigm while we experience the changes here in the physical, will be nothing more than numbers being changed within the computer mainframe just before the reset button is pushed in order for the system to integrate the new information. Just call it an "update, or an upgrade," from a long outdated system. Carbon currently equates to 6 protons, 6 electrons, and 6 neutrons. The 7s in binary form will complete the imbalance and weaknesses of the 6s, serving to also force an upgrade in the planetary DNA on a global and cosmic scale.

Those who's systems can harmonize with the slow integration of the 7s will inevitably evolve with the new harmonic. Interestingly enough, a slow installation can still equate to rapid changes with turbulent and lasting effects. This new algorithm will bring not only physical changes to the planet, but also metaphysical changes as well. To be honest...this thing is currently in progress now and I see evidence of it nearly every minute of the day. Those who's systems have chosen something different than that of the Universal mind, or simply cannot harmonize with the altering vibrations of the new reality will be located to a resonance more fitting of their chosen vibration.

There are no punishments, only choices and actions based upon those choices. From the way that I understand it, E=MC2 will eventually upgrade or evolve to E=MC3 as the solar flares will continue to alter the overall chemistry of our solar system. This will essentially make way for a more "crystalline" reality more heavily based around thought and observation. Therefore, those who have tuned themselves to the original code of separation will soon see a massive decline in the operations of their personal Universes within this particular reality. The code has been changed and the numerics no longer favor "self service." Slowly but surely, those who are operating within the heart space of LOVE will see their worlds become much easier, and their manifestations of abundance and positivity will grow as the code continues its duty. This is something that must be LIVED, not merely spoken of. That which you think of most and take action upon is that which you will embody from within. There is no fooling or cheating this system. Those of genuine LOVE will ride the transition through as the numbers will accompany and assist that very is what they were programmed to do. I cannot guarantee that this ride won't have its tests and dips...but, one will certainly pull through regardless of the trials. This is a slow burn as opposed to a massive upending of everything we know which has actually happened before in a not too distant reality. This code is meant to test the will and resolve of every participant while giving everyone the absolute choice of their own role within this changing field of polarity. This numeric is designed for change and allows space for those to evolve their systems to match the systemic upgrades within the expanding mainframe. Those who hang onto the ways of the old will find reality increasingly more difficult to control or to manipulate. These things become increasingly self evident by the day. Things are changing fast.

Enjoy the ride and do not struggle against a rising tide. Simply hit the wave and ride it through to the other side...

This is how numbers operate...whether people are aware of it or not. And truly...the numerics are just as alive as we are.

Eternal LOVE...