• This is another frequently asked question that I am going to address with a note because it is a simple copy and paste away when I must present an answer.

Fortunately for me, I have found the one thing in my life that truly makes me happy and allows me the freedom to completely be myself while passing on that knowledge to others who have chosen to learn this “art” through the techniques that have been given to me. When I say “given,” one must understand that I literally earned every bit of knowledge that I currently have and none of it came very easy. Nonetheless, teaching is something that I personally love to do and I believe that it is important that I am as available as possible” so that the teachings can be readily available with the proper guidance and explanation. Unfortunately though, I have actually lessened this time due to the fact that I have taken on another career for the purposes of improving Evolved Ministry from the ground up by funneling the proper resources into it.

That being said though, the first 5 years that Evolved Ministry had been conceived as a teaching platform, the teachings were available for absolutely free which brings me to a certain irony. When the teachings were available for 100% free, there was only a very small portion of people who chose to recognize this and capitalize off of the availability. I spent much time offering it to those in my community and dedicated my online time towards nothing but the service of others. I actually turned down quite a bit of money in order to keep the teachings accessible and what I considered to be “pure” at that time. True story. As I worked my hind end off, many familiar faces passed right over Evolved Ministry like a shadow that barely existed claiming that they didn’t have the time or resources to dedicate towards their own mastery. Later, these same faces would eventually reemerge just to vilify me for attempting to make a living off of my life’s work once they had finally decided that the knowledge that I was presenting was actually worth learning. Indeed…because the services were no longer free, they found themselves angry at me for them not having learned when it was being generously offered at no cost. One has to provide for themselves and it is a simple fact of life.

After working 40 hour work-weeks, I would come home and with all of my spare time I would teach others, answer questions, or provide video after video to the internet in hopes that somehow the cogs would eventually catch. When training others in person, I would pay for the refreshments, food, the gasoline, and all of the things that we needed for the students to enjoy themselves while learning. I didn’t care about the time, money, or the non-stop effort I was giving with hopes of helping others evolve to more acceptable levels within themselves. The only thing that was important to me was helping in the process of human evolution in any way that I could provide.

Well, after about 3 solid years of providing free teachings, I began to see a pattern forming. I had access to less and less money due to the amount that I was shelling out in order to perpetuate this system I was attempting to create. I was sacrificing food, bills, and very pertinent resources just so I could continue to teach, answer questions, and move things to the next level. I ran my body and mind into the ground as I ended up walking on a cane for nearly 8 months out of a calendar year after having destroyed my sciatica. This was an on and off situation that would often inflame during weather changes or extreme stress upon my body and mind. Fortunately, I haven’t had a massive flare-up with my back for quite awhile due to my less stressful approach to handling this business and teaching others. Nonetheless, despite the healing, my previous condition when I was at my worst meant very little to those who only wanted to take greater advantage of me during a time of rapid regression and loss.

Now, although it may seem as if I am projecting the flaws of my situation upon others while accepting no responsibility for my own actions, I am only pointing to the fact that there were people who took advantage off of a situation I had personally created myself. Can I blame them? No. Can I reference the fact that it occurred? Yes.

As many people discover at some point in their lives, I was finding out that the majority, but not all, of people in my former list of “friends” were pretending to be close, especially when the situation was financially or materialistically beneficial for them. Once it came time for those same friends to have been supportive by providing help during a time of need, I found that the lion’s share of them could have honestly cared less whether I was alive or dead…just as long as they could continue to drain that last ounce of blood before the final shovel load had finally been patted down on my freshly dug grave. This is how I allowed my perceptions of those events to shape my thinking. Yes...again, this is a very sad but TRUE aspect of reality; however, it teaches one a very important lesson about the collective nature of the self-serving mind. They don't necessarily do it as a personal attack or as a vindictive strike against you, they simply do it to have a position of gain. At some point in my life, I might have even done the same to others which is why I now strive for something different from within myself.

Obviously, not all people approach life in this manner as there is much beauty in each and every individual; but, the majority of those raised from the non-conscious, self-serving violence of the Western world are raised upon the capitalistic premise of stepping on others in order to climb one’s way to “the top.” Indeed, the American motto goes something like this… “Get as much as you can as quickly as possible so that whoever dies with the most toys…wins.” Wins “what,” though.

Google it...it's real. "Whoever dies with the most toys, wins."

So, after many more losses and a slow decline of my finances, it finally took up to the 5th year for me to realize that in my haste to bring forth quality Universal knowledge to the public at large, I had utterly neglected myself and the very simple things that one must handle in order to maintain their existence in a capitalistic/materialistic society bent off of profits and gain. Don’t get me wrong, I had considered the reality of this monetary existence and the human behavior that exists as a result as a severe obstacle the entire time that I was engaged with the process of teaching for free…but, I didn’t finally enact around this obstacle until I had nearly lost everything. This is how determined that I was to provide “free services,” even at my own eventual financial demise.

Even worse...I remember even having been so judgmental against other teachers or practitioners who chose to make a living by providing willing participants with the product of their choice...as if by judging them I had risen to some "noble level of esoteric mastery" that allows my superego to proclaim, "because I am willing to starve for my craft, they must somehow be of a lesser cloth." Well, thankfully, it didn't take me too long to get over the idea that I was somehow sitting in a position of "authority" where I could judge someone according to my own personal slant of reality.

If what these teachers present is genuine, then they absolutely deserve to be compensated for their time and effort. Teaching is not easy, regardless of the concentration or modality. In the end…I finally saw all of this for what it was. The outcome of being penniless and nearly living on the streets was an object of my own creation that people were more than happy to oblige for the sake of culling free teachings. I did it to myself and created the gateway for others to participate. As should be obvious, being homeless and without a teaching platform does not help me reach those who choose to learn, nor does my trip to indigence serve anyone in the greater spectrum. It would simply serve to sideline any progress that I would ever hope to create.

Point blank, being without the means to live the very life that I wanted to create does the polar opposite of my initial intention of providing Universal knowledge; therefore, something would have to change dramatically in order to continue making Evolved Ministry a reality.

In order to do all that was essential, I had to accept the fact that the result of the fallout was merely a manifestation of my own stubbornness and unwillingness to budge upon an issue that was dying for the correct solution. So, without any further contradicting thoughts, I chose to do what was necessary.

In addition to these realizations concerning my own lack of action, I had also forgotten, or at least underestimated the idea that “the public at large” “could” honestly care LESS about learning the art of mastering one’s own mind or soul. Yes, there are always exceptions to this rule, but, as a whole...this place does not operate on the premise of assuming action or responsibility. It operates on fantasy, hopes, and wishes...all of the things that keep us believing in something better, while forcing neutrality in the very actions that would bring about positive change.

Even for something as monumental as the gift of the creation and maintenance of our own souls, the institutional promise of “religion and an external savior” alleviates one of ever having to question the depth and the meaning of their own existence. And trust me, I can fully appreciate why someone would simply rather remain completely ignorant of such things. Not only can it create turbulence, but, it requires constant thought and dilligence on behalf of the practitioner.

Additionally, the fear factor can be great when stepping outside of the comfort that is provided by our chosen familiarities; and religion is all to aware of such things. Therefore, for those who would dare choose otherwise, The threat of hell is a sufficient enough threat to silence the one's who would otherwise upset the balance from within by asking critical questions or referring to possible biblical and interpretative inconsistencies. Keep in mind that not all religions are based upon these premises, just the most prevalent ones that are presented and supported by Western ideologies of submission through violence. Additionally I want to note that I am speaking in terms of the general institutionalized mind-set that affects the mass through programs such as politics, religion, and media. Not all minds are subject to these cycles of programming, but, there are enough to where it represents a sizable majority of thinking. All of this being said, I want to specifically note that there are plenty of wonderful and loving practitioners of EVERY FAITH on this "planet;" therefore, my complaint does not rest with the individual...but, the collective thought process that fosters it.

This is the "benefit" of being part of a state supported "flock." It is the knowledge that many people are in agreement with the belief system of one's choice. Additionally, it brings political leverage, power of association, and it cultivates perceptions on many different levels of the "playing field."

The soul is a Universe of infinite proportions. Most are not aware of this, but I can assure you that I have found this to be truth. It is the most beautiful gift that was ever given in the name of LOVE and exploration; yet, this priceless gift is the very thing that many people seem quite satisfied, even with the dubious nature of "blind faith," to politely give away as to avoid a human-made construct known as "hell." Understandably so. Fear is a motivator in this reality and for them, the low percentage of plausibility of gaining truth and understanding while treading the infinitely murky waters of "belief" is far more comfortable than the grinding gears of gaining knowledge through solid experience. Additionally, it doesn't help when many perceive the bible as warning them against learning themselves and the nature of whom they are. I would argue against this, but, it would probably bring up an unnecessary debate. I just want to note that once one begins to walk that second path of experiential wisdom, they realize that they can never again go back to the path that kept them in a state of "non-knowing." If one's intentions are truly that of Unconditional LOVE, then the mistakes that they make will only serve to better the development of themselves and the greater whole.

To side with the collective though, I must bring up a point or two. As a civilization, we have been misdirected in so many different manners about so many important and monumental issues that to even entertain a concept such as "Self Mastery" can be quite daunting for nearly anyone which is why even the most vague of explanations from a 2000 year old system is more than enough proof for the majority of civilization to abandon the gift of free-will for the familiarity of a fleeting but comfortable illusion. It can be quite scary to walk away from the only thing you have ever known to pursue something that is totally unfamiliar...especially when the threat of hell is presented as a side caveat. For some, it takes having a complete meltdown of trust and a failure of their faith to provide results. For others it can be as simple as just deciding to do something different. Either way, the "One" is not one to delve out punishment. The punishment always comes from our own non-acceptance, or personal failures. Punishment is a human trait that many are not willing to let go of yet.

Back to the main point:

Therefore, due to these mounting circumstances and the realizations that they brought, I had to eventually re-assess the way that I would approach teaching those who truly wanted to learn.

In the oddest twist of fate regarding the world of the metaphysical, I have found that money often illuminates the heart of a serious practitioner over that of the “weekend warrior,” or those seeking to just get “free goods.” Typically, I have found things to work in the opposite direction regarding the presentation of money as it usually separates people against one another, but, those who are serious about the quality of their own evolution seem to understand that trading paper for the eternal gain of useful knowledge is quite "the deal."

Don’t get me wrong, I have worked with people who could not pay, bartered, and actually given out very RARE free memberships to those whom I knew would respect the gift and contribute in every way that they possibly could to the growth of Evolved Ministry and others; therefore, I am not opposed to giving out memberships for those who intend to become a benefactor to the world around them.

  • Now, for those who need harder information that really itemizes things in a logical fashion, let me make things perfectly clear so that it gives one a better idea of what it is that I attempt to provide.

In order for me to feed myself and take care of bills while continuing to provide people FREE videos on youtube without offering all of the tissue of the knowledge that comes from an E.M. membership, money has to be earned. This should be no mystery. Given that my personal journey with this knowledge has lasted over the duration of my lifetime consisting of heavy practice and significant honing, it is not too dissimilar to someone who has dedicated their lives to attaining multiple doctorates in their chosen concentrations. I cannot and will not call myself a “master,” but, the time that I have spent learning this branch of the metaphysical is quite parallel to the time that it takes many to achieve prestigious degrees at higher learning institutions world-wide. For most, a doctorate will cost 8-10 years including the undergraduate degrees one must have to even qualify. Do I compare my “knowledge” to theirs? Absolutely not, the only comparison that I make is in reference to time…everything else is relative.

So, let’s now explore the tangible stuff that most people who are over 18, or, out on their own understand. I have to pay bills on the server that Evolved Ministry is on as all websites, domains, servers, internet addresses, server providers cost money. I have to have updated camera equipment, editing software, and a functioning computer to continue providing content…otherwise, without such things, I will one day just cease to post vids. I have to have a roof over my head, utilities, a functioning vehicle in order to get from point a to point b for different locations, and I have to have the actual time to be able to film, edit, and create quality videos so that people can actually learn. I also have to pay for gas, maintenance, and data cards, and all sorts of hardware in order to provide the stream of information.

  • The Work-Load, details, and consequences:

Now, let’s look at all the jobs that are performed when a video is posted. In the real world, most people only have one job when it comes to the media. In fact, most people are specialists in any given field. For instance; for television shows or movies, they have camera men, editors, producers, lighting directors, mixers, those in charge of mastering, sound technicians, writers, research and development teams, attorneys, and marketers. Those people are all usually paid well for their time and money and have time to focus on becoming precise at their chosen fields. Not me. I have to do all of these things myself without any added help or support on top of simply going out and filming the vids. A singular video can be very time consuming once one understands all that goes into releasing them.

Then there is the non-stop fielding of questions that stream from multiple sites such as facebook, youtube, tsu, and several email sources. I spend multiple hours in a day answering every post. If one were to go look at any video on my youtube account, they will see that nearly every question presented by a curious observer has an answer...even if they ask multiple questions. I can tell you now, that it is rare to see this on other metaphysical pages. Most instructors barely answer at all. None of this even addresses the time that I put into shooting the videos and stacking it with as much knowledge as I can possibly provide without giving everything away.

So, in this aspect, I am speaking on behalf of all the tangible stuff that everyone can relate to. I am also in the position where I have to manage the website, the accounts, and the money that either comes in, or doesn't. Accounts receivable...yet another job that usually multiple people have to perform. If someone chooses simply not to pay, then it creates a digital paper trail of madness that I must keep track of so that I have proof of why I was not able to pay a bill that month. When Evolved Ministry formerly offered a 7 day free trial, many people took complete advantage and would cancel their accounts after 7 days and then simply re-create a new one with a different card. There were a few people who got nearly 4 months of free service that way. In their attempts to learn this esoteric knowledge which is used for the benefit of mankind, they chose to steal it rather than try to barter...thus taking away that opportunity for genuine people. Then when people get the accounts, if multiple people choose not to pay, then it wreaks havoc on the time I must spend exiting them from the system, or ascertaining the reason for their departure. This doesn't even come close to covering the time and energy that I spent when the site was first being built, right after my having left another "energy school."

On average, with the time that I spend working, I get paid around 3.00hr working as a teacher for Evolved Ministry. -Truth-

  • The Site:

Evolved Ministry is not just an ordinary site. Once one becomes a member, they will see the wealth of information and knowledge that is contained within the site. It hosts 2 forums, an Online professional University, and networking capabilities that are above and beyond that of most available online energy schools. The time that it takes to make an entire curriculum for people to learn from is almost maddening, therefore, it presents a whole different aspect of time, development, and energy. Currently there are 6 thorough chapters that could literally keep one busy for a couple of years if one uses the information and is truly absorbing it. Many rush through though without fully letting some of the knowledge sink in,however, it is always there in case they choose to revisit it. There is a gaming section, several areas and methods to learn, many topics, and the ability to customize one’s preferences of content and whom they choose to speak with. The forum has many topics and provides one with the ability to truly learn and teach simultaneously. This site covers education in the arts, sciences, mathematics, and elements of religious studies. It allows for sharing on multiple platforms and was designed by people who truly wish to facilitate the evolution of mankind. Not only do we teach about “abilities,” but, we also provide esoteric knowledge that has been hidden from mankind for millennia. There is nothing weak or simplistic about the site itself…the only weaknesses that it currently has lies within the fields of “user error.”

  • Live Training:

Then we must consider all of the people who I energetically train “in-person” and face-to-face. When a person comes out to train with me, I have to teach them for 8-10 hours straight which involves several types of training techniques and different itineraries. There are physical and mental exercises that I have to design for each and every person as all people are slightly different. I have to take them to nature, design physical exercises, help them develop their connection, teach them meditative applications, and guide them step-by-step through every last technique. I work as a trainer, counselor, psychologist, and a personal motivator/trainer. I have to be available to answer all their questions and then come right back inside my home and answer all of the internet questions that get thrown at me by multiple social networking sites. If I don’t answer these questions, they will simply build up until I do, or simply forget the people who are depending on me for at least a “response.” The number of questions that I get per day are innumerable, therefore, I don’t even try to put a number on it. Because of this sheer amount of work, I could easily spend up to 80+ hours per week in dedication to this, and, I have on multiple occasions. In fact, there are many of my closest friends who will verify that they have seen me sit at my computer from sun up until I have literally passed out on my computer answering questions until the early a.m. the next day. Sometimes it probably drives my girlfriend nuts, but, she understands why this is so important.

In my time of teaching, I have personally witnessed an strange mentality within a certain small to medium demographic of people who outright expect that people such as myself should simply continue doing all of this without ever expecting to eat, sleep, or take care of themselves in the most basic of manners. This is very real and is not exaggerated. They truly believe that we are alive to specifically serve them and them only. They never entertain the idea that these teachers are dealing with hundreds of people who have the exact same mentality. If I don't answer a question within the time frame that they deem "acceptable," they are prone to saying or thinking any number of things to and about me as a result. Therefore, I do my best to get things as soon as possible.

There are also an amazing amount of people who truly believe that I should just be able to wave a magic wand over their foreheads and that this act should be suitable enough for them to connect into the infinite knowledge of the Universe without them having to do any “training” or work in order to achieve it. Even if I could do such a thing, wouldn't that defeat the purpose of learning to master oneself? Wouldn't that defeat the purpose of earning one's own spiritual merit through the process of hard work?

Many also believe that I should be able to transfer every bit of my working knowledge over the 20 year period that I spent training right over to them without them ever having to work or practice to access it. Trust me when I say this...if one has not earned the knowledge, then having something like that dumped on an unprepared individual would only drive them mad...as opposed to making them "enlightened." It would be the equivalent of trying to dump terabytes of information into something that has conditioned itself to only handle megabytes. It wouldn't work and would only burn out the receiving end. One has to slowly expand their capacity through the act of experience. For many people, when you tell them it takes years of dedicated training to be able to fully connect with Universal properties, that fire in their eyes quickly begins to glaze over with the realization that they might have to actually put effort into their own development. In their eyes, they believe that the knowledge is somehow owed to them and that they shouldn’t have to make any contributions or efforts of their own in order to receive it. There are multiple people who additionally believe that it is perfectly normal that others should just continue giving to them until the point of their own demise or collapse. They recognize that the knowledge is real. They recognize that it is something that one must have worked very hard in order to have achieved, but, they seem to think that their own soul mastery isn’t worth as much as the money they spend on their Iphone chargers; therefore, it is an utter mystery to them why someone would need compensation for survival in a world that costs money...unless, of course, it pertains to their own lives. Now, If I had not experienced all of this for myself, the approach on my end would probably be much different. I did as much as I could to provide things for 100% free. It nearly devoured me.

However, those who TRULY understand the value of what is being offered understand that this knowledge is absolutely above the idea of price or currency. They understand that to be charged so dirt cheap for something that religion refuses to reveal, is a blessing…not the opposite.

So, that is why Evolved Ministry now costs money. Those who understand the work and sacrifice that is involved with these rare teachings are the very people who gladly pay to give back because they are aware that this knowledge came at a great experiential price to the instructor(s) who are presenting the teachings. Some of those whom understand this simple principle will scrape by, save, and barter their most prized possessions in order to gain this knowledge because to them, soul freedom and self-development is far more important than the American trait of absorption and the achievement of material gain. Many people attempt to pigeon-hole E.M. as just another energetic school or guru-based New Aged site dedicated to learning superficial abilities. However, if one were to take the course, they would understand that Evolved Ministry is going much further than the limits of kinetics. E.M. is presenting the very knowledge that has been purposefully hidden by elite societies world-wide for millennia.

Understand that for every bit of metaphysical knowledge that openly exists, someone had to work countless hours to bring it from the hands of the greedy back into the collective of the world so that those immersed in this illusion could begin to make their way back “home.” So, let’s look at things in it’s most simplistic manner. If a person genuinely wants the teachings, then they will respect the parameters that allow the teacher to make those very teachings available. Martial Arts dojos cost money…no one ever questions it. A professional therapist costs money…no one ever questions it. A good massage costs money…no one ever questions it. Website developers, editors, writers, and everything costs money…no one ever questions it. Therefore, this should be no different as Evolved Ministry encompasses everything just discussed. So, here’s the ultimate truth in relation to the continued existence of Evolved Ministry, I cannot afford to just give it away anymore because it is too costly on my end to continue providing for free what teachers all over the world get paid for. If the results of Self Mastery is not worth the price that is generously being offered, then I suggest that you find something within your life that is. This is not something that is being shoved down the throats of the masses or being enforced on every street corner. It is something that you must seek out for yourself. If you do, then there are teachers right here ready to provide whatever assistance is necessary.

  • The Possible Future:

Eventually, if I am able make things work by substituting ads in place of tuition, then it will be possible to make E.M. free for all. Until then, it will operate as all businesses do...through our current monetary paradigm. Additionally, until one has completely overcome the monetary paradigm within their own lives, it is senseless to blame others for having to use that same system for their own survival.

With all of that being said…On rare occasions, I give away memberships, but that is only to people who truly show how grateful that they are and demonstrate the type of attitude that is sharing and genuine.

For future reference, I want it to be understood that I refuse to go broke or have my girlfriend and I homeless just because people have decided that they don’t want to pay for something that they seem to clearly want to learn. I will never put myself in a position where I have to explain to my future wife why she must now move in with her mother because I somehow willfully chose homelessness and destitution so that the youtube crowd would applaud my noble effort to teach them and all of society for free. That would make me a fool and life has taught me too much to jump off of that cliff.

So…reality is the very reason why Evolved Ministry must charge for it’s services. It is the very same reasons why society still currently works to put food on their tables. This is my chosen profession and I believe that it’s importance should be respected and appreciated…even if people somehow disagree that I am deserving enough to be able to provide a life for myself.

Hope that helps…

Understand that I am not being sarcastic nor am I down talking anyone. When writing, I tend to speak very direct so that way everything is easily understood and is articulated properly. Love to all…

Written with LOVE by Michael Grubb...